$1,500 for a set of 5 sessions  (a saving of $125.00!)

  • These sessions are booked consecutively – being 2 sessions/week for 2.5 weeks or 1 session per week for 5 consecutive weeks.  
  • If your health situation is solved within 1 or 2 visits, you are not going to be reimbursed, this is a small fee for your return to a state of total health!
  • Reimbursements are the portion not used minus $325/session that have been used (but I KNOW you will be happy, just see all these happy testimonials: http://homeo.ca/testimonials/).
$325 per session when booking one session at a time
$425 per session for allergy clearance
  • Allergies are cleared as a group (Hay fever, pet allergies, food allergies, nuts allergies, chemical allergies, etc…) 
  • Other techniques out there treat one single allergen per session, if you suffer from food allergies with dairy, eggs, soy, watermelon, cantaloupe, tomatoes, cucumber, and orange, you would need to go for 8 sessions, while using the techniques that I use it would be done in one single session.
  • I do not treat allergies in office that cause anaphylactic shock to a person.  The allergens are never going to be present in the office, but in order to protect you and to protect myself, I chose to not work with your for that specific allergen that may cause this intense reaction.
$100 Migraine Headache acute phone session
  • This service is for people suffering from a migraine headache who want to relieve or eliminate their migraine.  These sessions are done over the phone or Skype, a session last about 20-30 minutes  
  • Payment must be made before session.
  • Childhood Immunization $275 (information)
  • Flu Immunization $25/person  (information)
  • Remedy dropper bottle $50

24 hr. Cancellation Policy:

Please note that all cancellations given with less than 24 hour notice will be billed at the regular rate.

Session Length:

A regular session is 60 minutes, but it is not uncommon to go for 90 minutes. It is important that you don’t feel rushed during the session so that your mind is 100% available for the work we are doing.  Knowing that a session can be 90 minutes long, please allow enough time between the session and your next activity.

To Book an Appointment

  • Please visit the Contact Page on the website.
  • Phone 780-459-3609 and leave a message.


  • 7 mornings/week.  Afternoon appointments may be available if mornings are full.

Method of Payment:

  • PayPal (you can use your credit card to pay through PayPal) you will receive an invoice in your e-mail
  • Interac e-Transfer (in Canada only)
  • Cheques  – payable to: Louise Grenier
  • Cash for in-office consultation


Some people in Canada have an extended insurance plan from work that may allow for natural therapies or homeopathy coverage. However, policies vary from company to company and  year to year and we cannot guarantee coverage as it can be very individual and may depend on what your employer has chosen to cover.

Even when treatment is not covered, please note that the benefits from true health and resolution of your problems are worth the out-of-pocket cost for the consultations. And the savings on drugs, corrective and palliative care are also reduced or eliminated – which is further benefit to you and your budget.

Compared to most single therapies, this comprehensive approach has proven to be speedy and lasting – an approach toward health  worth every cent of its value!


  • Free when the remedy fit in a regular Canada Post envelope.
  • Larger packages: $13 Western Canada, $15 (Central/Eastern Canada), $15 (U.S.)  All packages shipped by Canada Post Express.