Childhood Immunizations

Brain damage from vaccinations – in a world dominated by the pharmaceutical industry, it’s an issue that’s seldom brought into the open.  Yet it is a huge, and growing problem that can have a life-altering effect on our children.  
I used to work with immunization centers and hospitals in Ottawa, and saw far too many cases of children who had succumbed to a vegetative state after routine vaccinations gone wrong.  These children had their entire lives ruined because of a chemical immunization that was pushed upon them by major drug companies.  While it is important that children build up a strong immunity to prevalent diseases, there is an easier and safer way to protect them.
Why not avoid the risk and give your children homeopathic immunizations?  The province of Alberta recommends 13 different vaccinations for children, and I offer all of these in homeopathic form.  Clinics tend to vaccinate infants at too young an age, when the baby still doesn’t have a mature-enough immune system to produce antibodies for the diseases.  Chemical vaccinations can be given as many as seven at a time.  Nobody should have to face seven diseases at once; it’s overkill for the body! With my system, these immunizations can be spread out over a longer time period, which will minimize the effect on the child.  If a mother is breastfeeding, the child doesn’t need to take the immunization until after breastfeeding ends, since the baby is otherwise protected by the mother’s antibodies.  
If you decide to arrange homeopathic immunizations with me, I will send you all 13 of the immunizations recommended in Alberta.  On top of that, I suggest which common homeopathic remedies you can easily find in Health Food stores to have at home for when the child has fever.  My consultations are done by phone, which means that this will not interfere with your baby’s schedule.  I strongly suggest to have both parents on the phone as I give lots of useful information about the immunization, and also about what to do when the child is sick or has a fever.  This information is invaluable.  After working as a nurse in an emergency department, I know that too often parents have a tendency to panic when their baby has a fever.  By having both parents in the consultation, it makes it easier for parents to remember what to do when their baby is sick.
  • Cost: $325 for the (60 min.) consultation, which includes 13 immunizations.  The immunization are taken by mouth, not by injection, and are totally free of chemicals, which means no side effects.  They are delivered to your door by mail if the consultation is done over the phone. 

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