Travel Immunizations

Thinking of heading off to an exotic destination for vacation?  New diets and changing circumstances can take a toll on our bodies, and leave us seeing more of the hotel room than the place we’ve come to visit.  Whether you’re a travel newbie or veteran, it’s smart to prepare yourself and take precautions for your health and safety abroad. 
I offer a 30-minute consultation and a set of travel immunizations delivered to your door.  As a bonus, you will receive a free e-book about healthy travel and a dropper bottle to counter the effect of traveler’s diarrhea.  The only thing that I ask is that, before contacting me, you call your local health care travel unit and inquire which immunizations you need for your specific trip.  Because every region is different and health conditions are constantly changing worldwide, it’s best to get this up-to-date information from a travel clinic.  From there, I’m able to assist you and tailor your immunizations and remedies to your itinerary.  Whether you need a Hep. A immunization or simply a remedy for traveler’s diarrhea, I’m here to help.
Please note: this consultation is designed for one person.  If more than one person requires the travel immunizations, there will be a surcharge of $25 per additional person.
  • Cost: $125 for the 30-minute consultation done over the phone, which includes an e-book on healthy travel, your travel immunizations, and a traveler’s diarrhea dropper.

Contact Me now to book your consultation and move towards a happy and healthy future!