Allergies in people with split personalities

There is a fact about allergies that fascinates me.  A long time ago, when I was studying in Nursing College,  I came upon an article about people suffering from split personality disorder where it was apparent that one persona will have a specific allergy but the other persona has no allergy.  This information is intriguing because it makes us realize that, when we have an allergy, the symptoms are produced by our immune system only when the subconscious believes that pollen, grass and trees are a threat to the safety of the person.

The fact is that the pollen, the grasses and the trees are fine.  It is also a fact that our immune system, which is producing the allergy symptoms, is simply doing its job as those symptoms are present for the elimination and flushing out of allergens (cat hair, pollen, grasses, etc.. ) from the body.  Coughing, sneezing, watery eyes all are the work of the immune system pushing the allergens out of our body.  These symptoms are certainly not pleasant and, in severe cases of allergies,  can be so severe that they can endanger the life of the individual (as in cases of a severe peanut allergy).  The common allergy symptoms are a method your immune system is using to push or at least neutralize these allergens from your body in order to protect you. 

Pollen, grasses and trees are a part of nature. And your immune system is doing a great job at protecting you.  So, where is the problem coming from?

Let us come back to that article on allergies in the case of people suffering from split personality.  Let’s talk about the conscious and the subconscious mind for a moment.  In a person suffering from split personality there is only one body and only one immune system, however, there appears to be two subconscious minds.   The  conscious mind understands that grass and pollens are safe.   Even though you may be suffering from Hay Fever, you and I know that pollens and grasses are part of nature and are safe on their own.  But, at the subconscious level, there is a belief (your subconscious is below your awareness, so you are obviously not conscious of the beliefs stored in your subconscious) that pollen, grass and certain trees are a threat to your safety and, in order to protect you, your immune system releases histamine which creates the common allergenic symptoms.  So, the pollen and grass are ok and your immune system is working to protect you.  This is why I created an audio recording of an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) session that I tailored specifically for Hay Fever to send the information to your subconscious that pollen and grasses are safe.  When the belief is removed from the subconscious, there is no more reason to activate the immune system when in contact with pollens and grasses.

The Homeopathic remedies come in two small vials and manage the physical symptoms. The audio recording of an NLP session specific for Hay Fever will help take care of the rest. By using Homeopathy and NLP, your chances of clearing your Hay Fever are good and this is done in a gentle manner that is easy and simple to use.

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Similarities Between Allergies and Phobias

Dr. Michael Levi, an immunologist, believes that an allergy is like a “phobia” of the immune system. In his analogy, an allergy in a person indicates that their immune system has developed an irrational “fear” of a certain substance causing the immune system to “panic” when confronted by that substance.

The intense fear you experience in a phobia sends your body into fight-or-flight mode, directing energy to parts of your body to save your life. Your heart beats faster to provide an emergency supply of extra blood to your muscles that tense as you prepare to flee, and your nervous system goes into high alert.

It’s the same principle with an allergy where your immune system prepares to expel, or at least neutralize, the allergens entering your body. But just as a phobia is a fear without reason, an allergy is also an unconsciously irrational reaction.

Imagine life’s elements divided into two categories: those that are dangerous and those that are safe. For example, burning houses and crashing automobiles are clearly in the dangerous category while clowns and water should be in the safe category because they are no overt threat to safety. In a phobia, elements in the safe category become mistakenly classified in the dangerous category. As soon as something from the dangerous category gets close to a person, their adrenal glands activate to release cortisol, which causes heart palpitations, sweating, and anxiety. Their entire body mounts a concerted defence to protect against the object of fear.

Allergies work the same way. Ingesting poison, which naturally belongs in the dangerous category, may trigger cramps, vomiting, inflammation, and swelling to protect the body. But milk and eggs are not poison and should not cause any distress. For people with allergies, these foods have been erroneously classified as dangerous and are labelled as allergens. When those allergens enter the body, the body’s immune system triggers to cause swelling, redness, inflammation, and itchiness. Again, the entire body goes into defence mode to expel the allergen.

In the case of both phobias and allergies, the body/mind system produces a huge fear response to a non-dangerous situation. In either case, taking drugs (e.g., anti-histamines to suppress the body’s production of histamines) or avoiding the source of the perceived threat may address the symptoms in the short term but completely miss solving the underlying problem. What is really required is some way of convincing the subconscious body/mind that there is no danger.

Allergies, like phobias, and the resulting misclassification of safe elements as dangerous, are the results of past events in which you felt danger while you were in close proximity to the element. Your subconscious protected you by moving that specific element into the dangerous category. For example, food allergies acquired during childhood might be due to the child experiencing stressful family situations while eating. If the child felt threatened while drinking milk, and that threat was present often enough, then at some point the subconscious connected milk with danger and moved milk into the dangerous category.

I have had a spider phobia most of my life. I remember the triggering event. My mother was kneeling on my bedroom dresser, cleaning the open window in front of her. When I entered the room, I thought my mother was about to fall out the window. Right at that moment, she jumped in surprise as she uncovered a spider. My mother was not afraid of spiders but was simply startled. However, I was really frightened when I saw my mother, who was in a precarious position, jump when she found the spider. My own subconscious was not being logical by any means when it moved spiders into the dangerous category. From then on, any spider even on TV, triggered a phobic response in my body.
Phobias and allergies are sometimes created together. Not long ago, I was able to clear a young man of his hay fever. His fear of bees disappeared at the same time because it had been created simultaneously with his hay fever. Bonus!

My practice is based on using homeopathy and neurolinguistic programming together to re-classify the elements of your allergies and phobias into their proper categories so you can leave them behind and live life without fear or discomfort.


Hay Fever Allergy

Hay fever can be extremely annoying and can become a serious problem. The symptoms are sometimes so severe that they can interrupt our normal flow of life, many times to the point of keeping us inside the house with the windows closed for most of the summer. Continue reading “Hay Fever Allergy”


What is Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Your digestive tract is actually a tube. If you place a marble in your mouth and swallow it, it will go down the esophagus, pass though your stomach, go into your small intestine, go through the large intestine until it reaches the rectum and exits through the anus. In a sense the marble never actually goes into your body, but stay in the tube all along. Many substances we ingest are not mean to go into your body. An example is fiber, which is meant to stay in the tube (digestive tract) and act as a brush to clean the colon. Continue reading “What is Leaky Gut Syndrome?”


Allergies Can Develop During Important Life Transitions

Allergies often develop during times of transition. Such transitions are limitless and can include things such as moving to a new place, becoming pregnant and going through pregnancy, getting married, becoming ill, going through puberty or a divorce/break up, career transitions or promotions, leaving a religion and so on.

During these periods of transition, we must adapt to all kinds of new situations and develop new routines. Eventually, we become accustomed to these new situations and eventually everything becomes familiar. The more familiar we are to a certain situation, the more comfortable it feels. However, before becoming familiar and comfortable with particular situations, there is a period of adaptation where we are under stress.

During this period of adaptation, your immune system is also working at finding out who you are, what is you and what is not you. If you are under stress for several weeks and you are eating a particular food every day, your subconscious may relate that particular food to the stressful life situation that you find yourself in. From that point on, that particular food may become connected with stress and your immune system will activate when you come in contact or consume that particular food. That specific food has now become an allergen for you.

When you are in a familiar environment, your immune system knows who you are and what is safe for you. When you are in period of transition, your immune system is in a state where everything is strange, where everything is new. Your immune system must differentiate what is safe and what is not safe in this new environment. Mistakes are done by the immune system, which can categorize something as dangerous even though it is quite safe. This is why allergies often start during periods of transition. Let’s call it a mistake of classification on the immune system’s behalf.