“Several years ago Louise provided our family with homeopathic immunizations for our children, including our young twin boys.

On a Thursday evening in their preschool year I noticed 2 or 3 spots on each of their bodies that looked suspiciously like chicken pox. I remember showing my husband and commenting that we better plan for a quiet week at home as it looked like our boys had been infected with chicken pox and we would be in for the horrible experience I remember having as a kid. Over the weekend however (with no school on Friday or Monday as per their school schedule), nothing transpired, and the spots cleared. They had no fever and no other signs of illness, and they returned to school the following week. I assumed I had misinterpreted the spots I had seen.

When I took them to school the following Tuesday morning their teacher pulled me aside. She wanted to warn me, knowing that we had not immunized our kids as per the typical immunization schedule, that they found out that morning that there had been a case of chicken pox in the school and that my boys had been exposed to the virus.

It was wonderful to realize that YES they had been exposed and YES they had experienced a natural immunological reponses to the virus and they were able to fight it off with few signs or symptoms. The teachers were shocked that both boys had shown signs the virus without experiencing a full-blown case of chicken pox. It was a wonderful gift.”

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