I have been allergic to dogs ever since I was a very young kid. I always had a fear of dogs and every time I saw one in the park or in someone’s home, I would eventually have swollen and itchy eyes and my asthma was affected greatly. I could never stay at gatherings or parties at people’s houses that had a dog that lived in the home. Sometimes, I even had to go to the hospital. I tried going to friends’ houses where they had hypoallergenic dogs but even then, I would get severe asthma attacks that even the inhaler could not control for very long.

My mom saw Louise’s ad in a magazine and she was intrigued by it immediately. Once she showed it to me, I became very interested in her work as well. We always believed in the power of the mind and how much it can affect you physically, we just needed a little help. We went to visit Louise in October 2016. She was so nice to us and we could tell she was very knowledgeable about these treatments.

Louise did different tests on me and helped me get into a very relaxed state. I was to imagine my present-self introducing the toddler version of myself to a puppy. I was supposed to comfort the child and show her that everything is ok. By the end, I was imagining both versions of myself playing with the puppy and the younger version was so content around the dog. When I came out of the thought, I remember being so happy. I had tears from how much joy that thought had brought me. I realized that something as simple as a memory, a thought, can change how your body functions.

Two or three months later, I went to a friend’s house for a birthday party. They had a hypoallergenic dog but like I said, usually my asthma would start acting up. This time, there was absolutely nothing. The only thing that had my asthma going was when I had to chase the kids all over the house. I played with the dog and I just loved petting him and being with him. I had no itchy or runny eyes, I wasn’t sneezing, I could breathe clearly, and my allergy was gone. I felt so much joy around the dog and I was so happy I could finally enjoy his company.

I am so happy I went to see Louise and I would recommend her to anyone. She does a very good job and I am very happy with the results!

Thank you so much Louise!

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