The recipe to regain health and cure chronic disease:

1. Your body needs nutrients to repair itself (proteins, vitamins, minerals & water….). Your body also needs to discard heavy metals and pathogenic micro-organisms.

2. The electricity in the body must flow with ease. Think of a river that is blocked by a pile of rocks. The river will stop flowing naturally and will become stagnant, leading to algae, smelly water, and mosquitoes. The same principle applies to our body, with the need for energy to flow naturally.

3. Our perception of the world and what is happening to us is based on our beliefs. If I believe that I am naturally lucky, I will have tendency to see the bright side of things. To the contrary, if I believe that I am unlucky, I will have tendency to perceive things negatively. Events, situations and life can be similar, in that depending on the beliefs one is holding, the perception of each may provoke a different set of emotions. Emotions have the capacity to block electricity flow in the body, and where the energy does not flow a diseased state may develop.

By addressing these three aspects the body can use it’s inner capacity to regain health.

I love my work. I especially love working with new clients and helping walk them back to a natural healthy state!