Chronic Diseases

We live in a world of polarity, of yin and yang, and of balance. Our body is energy and physical matter at the same time.

Both aspects must be addressed for optimal health.

If you suffer from a chronic disease that shows no sign of improvement, it may be because the medical system is focusing on your physical/material body while your energy/electrical system is being ignored.

The true cause of many health challenges is often neglected. In many cases, the cause of your symptoms is not actually rooted in your physical body but is due to your body’s energy not flowing properly.Energy/electricity is a vital part of your body’s health – your beating heart, your expanding lungs and your moving breath. As you read this article, your digestive system is working. So are your kidneys and your liver. Your brain cells are firing and this goes on non-stop 24/7… all because of the electrical nature of your body. The presence of electricity means that you are alive. When the electrical signals in your body stop (imagine the flat line on an electrocardiogram), your body becomes a corpse. No electricity equals no life.

A healthy diet is one that provides a wide source of minerals. Once your body absorbs those minerals, they become electrolytes, which are responsible for the electrical signals in your body.

The turnover of cells in your body is constant. Cells in your eyes have a turnover of only a few days, which is why healing is rapid after eye surgery. Your skin cells turn over in about one month as the dead cells exfoliate. It takes about two years for all the cells in your entire body to renew completely.

When your energetic blueprint is accurate and healthy, every new cell is created in exactly the right way to act as a liver cell or a bone cell or a pancreatic cell, for example. Think of it as the architectural blueprint of a house. If the blueprint is perfect, the resulting house will be built perfectly. The same applies to your body blueprint, which is energetic in nature. If your energy blueprint is perfect, then every cell is going to be created perfectly to ensure your optimal health.

I believe that healthcare priorities should consider the body electricity first and the physical/material body second. If some chronic disease is ravaging your body, it is possible that the energy related to the challenged organ has already been in distress for some time. The body’s energy frequently can become compromised after some emotional trauma. When that happens, the energy doesn’t flow easily and physical body challenges start to show. The modern medical system is trained to focus only on the end product, which is the disease symptoms in your physical body. The effectiveness of treating your body’s energy systems first is amazing!

In my practice, I focus on three things:
1. Ensuring that your physical body has what it needs to heal.
2. Ensuring that your body’s energy/electricity flows with ease, the way it is meant to.
3. Getting rid of emotional charges related to past events that may be disturbing your energy flow and thus affecting your physical body.

If you suffer from a long-term health challenge, ask yourself if it all started after some big emotional event in your life. If the answer is “yes,” then please contact me. You may have identified the real cause of your problem and we can work together to bring you back to health!