I have been a Registered Massage Therapist for over 25 years and offer both Therapeutic and Relaxation massages for women only, in St. Albert.

Healing Wraps

I offer relaxing and therapeutic massages and have found that the addition of healing wraps can do wonders for simple ailments such as cysts, colds, the flu, migraines, headaches, sore throats, chest congestions, tissue inflammation, inflammation of the joints, arthritis, bronchitis and many more. These healing wraps are simply a part of your relaxing for therapeutic massage.


60 minutes – $90 (or $85 if you buy 5!)
75 minutes – $115 (or $105 if you buy 5!)
90 minutes – $130 (or $115 if you buy 5!)

Payments will be accepted by credit card, cheque or cash only.






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