Do you find yourself with a runny nose? Randomly sneezing or having a tickle in your throat? Burning or runny eyes and fatigue? Are you not able to go to your loved one’s homes because of your pet allergy symptoms?

Allergy Kits

I offer allergy kits for common allergies including; hay fever, pet allergies (dog allergies and cat allergies) and indoor allergies.

Each kit is $85 and includes an audio recording with easy instructions to follow (easy to listen in the comfort of your house), 2 vials of Homeopathic remedies which are specific for your kind of allergy and a letter of explanation.    These kits are $85 which include tax and shipping. 

If your allergy is not one of the 3 mentioned above, you will need to have a phone session which is $325.  I do not work with people who have a very severe allergy that can have anaphylactic symptoms.  For more information feel free to contact me.

If you are ready for springtime in Alberta without these symptoms, fill out the form below or contact me here and we can arrange to get you your allergy kit!