Similarities Between Allergies and Phobias

Dr. Michael Levi, an immunologist, believes that an allergy is like a “phobia” of the immune system. In his analogy, an allergy in a person indicates that their immune system has developed an irrational “fear” of a certain substance causing the immune system to “panic” when confronted by that substance. The intense fear you experience… Continue reading Similarities Between Allergies and Phobias


Hay Fever Allergy

Hay fever can be extremely annoying and can become a serious problem. The symptoms are sometimes so severe that they can interrupt our normal flow of life, many times to the point of keeping us inside the house with the windows closed for most of the summer. The most common symptoms of hay fever are… Continue reading Hay Fever Allergy


How do allergies really work?

I am constantly amazed at how the medical system fails miserably to help people suffering from allergies. What they offer is an injection of a very small amount of the allergen under the skin and then they let the immune system react. The idea here is that if one repeats this injection often enough (which… Continue reading How do allergies really work?