Welcome to Louise Grenier Homeopathy.

I am thrilled you found my little corner of the internet. For other 30 years I have been helping people overcome and completely get rid of, health issues that they had given up on ever getting better from.

Traditionally trained as a Registered Nurse and having added many health modalities over the years (Homeopathy, Registered Massage Therapy, NLP and many more), I have found a formula with the best chances of helping you live your happiest and healthiest life.

“I am doing really good with the allergies.

The tissue salts, and also the neurolinguistic programming audio has helped. It is working great have not taken an antihistamine since taking the pet allergy kit. I have had days where my ears/head got congested and some sneezing still occurring, however I stuck with the homeopathic rx and it cleared up.

Other benefits are: less gassy, restless leg syndrome down to a minimal if any when going to bed.
Overall I would say my allergy symptoms are better by 80%. Thank you!”

Helene, Pet Allergy

Louise has been instrumental in helping me with my health challenges.

I have sensitivities to various foods,  drugs, herbs, dust etc. and Louise has treated me successfully (more…)

Wendy, Flu Immunization