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I am thrilled you found my little corner of the internet. For over 30 years I have been helping people overcome and completely get rid of health issues that they had given up on ever getting better from.

Traditionally trained as a Registered Nurse and having added many health modalities over the years (Homeopathy, Registered Massage Therapy, NLP and many more), I have found a formula with the best chances of helping you live your happiest and healthiest life.



My family and I have all used the Flu Immunization in Homeopathic form from Louise Grenier for the past five years.

There are five adults in our family and I’m happy to share with all of you that we have not been affected by the flu. It gives us all a wonderful peace of mind knowing that (more…)

Lori, Flu Immunization

“Louise Grenier was very informative and she took an hour to talk about everything I needed to know about homeopathic immunization and the good information about what to do when my child is sick with a disease or a fever.

I like the fact that she was a pediatric nurse giving vaccines in Health Units before moving to Homeopathy and she knows the danger that comes with drugs injected vaccination today. Plus since our conversation, I have asked many questions about my son and she responds promptly.

I cannot wait to see her for myself in the near future. Plus I have been telling everyone about her!”

Jessica, Child Immunization