An allergy is like a program that has been installed in the subconscious. Oddly enough, allergies often arise when there is a traumatic emotional event that causes the subconscious to classify a safe substance or object to become an allergen.

Here is an example: many years ago I had a young boy visit me with his mother. He was roughly eleven years old and he suffered from a severe dairy allergy. His mother recalled that it started in kindergarten, and she also remembered that her son was fine while in pre-school. When I asked if there was any emotional trauma or significant events that took place during that period, she mentioned that a car hit their dog while they were eating ice cream, and unfortunately the little boy witnessed the accident.

Here is what really happened. The emotional shock was severe and sudden, and since the boy was eating dairy at that same moment, the subconscious labeled the ice cream as a dangerous substance thereby connecting the ice cream and the emotional distress. The subconscious is not smart but it is very efficient. From that day on, the young boy had a program of “dairy is dangerous” running in his subconscious non-stop. Because of this, each time the boy came into contact with any dairy product, his body would engage the immune system to protect him from danger. His immune system was simply responding to a program and it did its job. His immune system was producing histamine and was producing symptoms that were all geared towards eliminating the dairy from the boy’s body as fast as possible in order to keep him safe. In his case, the body was increasing his peristaltic processes (activity of the intestines) with severe cramping in order to eliminate the dairy from the body as fast as possible. The body is smart!

When this young boy visited his family doctor for his severe abdominal pain occurring after ingestion dairy, the doctor gave anti-spasmodic drugs to soothe the cramping as well as anti-histaminic drugs, and suggested that he stay away from all

forms of dairy. By suppressing his symptoms and avoiding dairy entirely, nothing was actually addressing the true cause of the allergy.

At the moment this particular traumatic event occurred, the subconscious’ program of “dairy is dangerous” took only a second to install. Most of the time, it takes only one or two sessions to remove this faulty program using a combination of Homeopathy, NeuroLinguistic Programming and energy balancing. This process allows rapid and permanent results.
When the program of “dairy is dangerous” is removed from the subconscious’ database, then the person, in this case the young boy can have contact with what was the allergen used to be. The subconscious essentially now categorizes the dairy from being dangerous to safe, and in this manner the immune system no longer has a need to be activated to protect the person.

Now the boy can eat as much ice cream and dairy, as he likes without having to worry about cramping like he used to.

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