Just for the fun of it, take a moment and think about the people you know that have some sort of allergy. Statistically, about one in every three people has some form of allergy. The interesting thing is that when I ask someone whether or not they have allergies, the first response is usually “no.” Then, they remember that they experience hay fever in spring, and that they become congested around cats and dogs when they visit their friend’s house. Or perhaps they mention that they have headaches when they come in contact with gasoline and perfume. Or possibly they stay away certain foods because they don’t feel well after eating them. People get used to living with their allergies by avoiding the particular allergen. Avoidance is not a sign of health. Being healthy means to be free to go and to do what you want. Having to avoid certain places, foods, or animals is certainly a limitation.

An allergy is a reaction from your immune system. Surprisingly, this is good! After all, your immune system is there to protect you and is doing a very good job at it when you experience symptoms of an allergy. Your body is doing its very best to push the allergen out of your body and to neutralize the effect inside of your body. Remember that your body is amazing!

Have you ever heard about people with multiple personalities? I remember a book I read when I was a teenager called Sybil, about a lady with fourteen personalities! Not long ago, Dr. Phil had a guest with two personalities. These cases are interesting, because they have shown in the past that one personality may have allergies while the other may not, even though they are sharing the same body and the same immune system. This is telling us that in order to rid yourself of allergies, you have to address the underlying cause. The amazing thing is that it only takes one or sometimes two visits to be completely cleared of your allergies!

The medical system addresses allergies with the understanding that the immune system is malfunctioning. Consequently, they give drugs to suppress the release of histamine
(anti-histamine). The cause is never addressed, which means that you have to rely on anti-histamine drugs forever, with no real cure.

Recently I went on a Facebook page of an allergy clinic here in Edmonton to look at people’s comments. It was quite sad to learn of so many people taking medications and shots every week for years in attempt to rid their allergies with incredibly poor results. Are these people aware of all the chemical preservatives in each injection and pill? They are then retested after a few years of treatment to learn that their allergies are still present.
There is no reason to suffer from allergies; the solution is simple, easy, and rapid in most cases.
Here is a testimonial that I got from Jessica, receptionist at Yoga For Today in Sherwood Park.

Thank you Jessica for sharing.
Jessica Oct 14, 2017

All my life I have eaten and enjoyed strawberries. My mom makes the best homemade strawberry jam; strawberry shortcake has always been a favorite dessert of mine. Until 4 years ago, I began having adverse reactions to strawberries; about 20 min to one hour after consuming strawberries either alone or in a smoothie I would become ill. Terrible stomach pains and cramps for the entire day. This had become bothersome. Where did this allergy come from? Why so sudden and out of the blue?

Last week I saw Louise Grenier at Yoga for Today, she told me she could help me with my allergy. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. To be able to eat and enjoy strawberries again!! Why wouldn’t I give it a shot? The appointment took roughly an hour and Louise asked me about my symptoms, how long I’ve had the allergy and about anything that would’ve maybe triggered the allergy. I explained everything to her and she began to work her “magic”.

Once the appointment was over Louise suggested I start out small, take baby steps to see if the allergy is gone. So that is what I did. Over the thanksgiving holiday I did try one strawberry and to my surprise I was fine. What would have caused me severe stomach pains and cramping for the entire day did not. It felt so good to be able to eat that strawberry and not have any pain. I am so happy I saw Louise and discussed with her my allergy!
Thank you Louise!

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