There is a fact about allergies that fascinates me.  A long time ago, when I was studying in Nursing College,  I came upon an article about people suffering from split personality disorder where it was apparent that one persona will have a specific allergy but the other persona has no allergy.  This information is intriguing because it makes us realize that, when we have an allergy, the symptoms are produced by our immune system only when the subconscious believes that pollen, grass and trees are a threat to the safety of the person.

The fact is that the pollen, the grasses and the trees are fine.  It is also a fact that our immune system, which is producing the allergy symptoms, is simply doing its job as those symptoms are present for the elimination and flushing out of allergens (cat hair, pollen, grasses, etc.. ) from the body.  Coughing, sneezing, watery eyes all are the work of the immune system pushing the allergens out of our body.  These symptoms are certainly not pleasant and, in severe cases of allergies,  can be so severe that they can endanger the life of the individual (as in cases of a severe peanut allergy).  The common allergy symptoms are a method your immune system is using to push or at least neutralize these allergens from your body in order to protect you. 

Pollen, grasses and trees are a part of nature. And your immune system is doing a great job at protecting you.  So, where is the problem coming from?

Let us come back to that article on allergies in the case of people suffering from split personality.  Let’s talk about the conscious and the subconscious mind for a moment.  In a person suffering from split personality there is only one body and only one immune system, however, there appears to be two subconscious minds.   The  conscious mind understands that grass and pollens are safe.   Even though you may be suffering from Hay Fever, you and I know that pollens and grasses are part of nature and are safe on their own.  But, at the subconscious level, there is a belief (your subconscious is below your awareness, so you are obviously not conscious of the beliefs stored in your subconscious) that pollen, grass and certain trees are a threat to your safety and, in order to protect you, your immune system releases histamine which creates the common allergenic symptoms.  So, the pollen and grass are ok and your immune system is working to protect you.  This is why I created an audio recording of an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) session that I tailored specifically for Hay Fever to send the information to your subconscious that pollen and grasses are safe.  When the belief is removed from the subconscious, there is no more reason to activate the immune system when in contact with pollens and grasses.

The Homeopathic remedies come in two small vials and manage the physical symptoms. The audio recording of an NLP session specific for Hay Fever will help take care of the rest. By using Homeopathy and NLP, your chances of clearing your Hay Fever are good and this is done in a gentle manner that is easy and simple to use.

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