I am constantly amazed at how the medical system fails miserably to help people suffering from allergies.

What they offer is an injection of a very small amount of the allergen under the skin and then they let the immune system react. The idea here is that if one repeats this injection often enough (which can be years!) the immune system will learn that the allergen is not threatening and will then stop reacting. It takes years and it is not always successful. Like in every case, they only see the body as being physical/material in nature and only address the body that way.

In this treatment the belief is that the allergic reaction is caused by a malfunctioning immune system. In truth, the immune system is working very well.

Let’s look instead to Energy medicine, which has much better success in a much shorter amount of time in regards to clearing allergies. This method addresses the energy body (or life energy, or meridian, etc.) and rebalances the energy flow. When the body is in contact with the allergen, the body automatically gets weak, as the energy gets stressed by the allergen. It usually takes a few visits and most frequently one allergen is cleared at a time. This method alone takes more time because it doesn’t involve the subconscious.

The issue with allergies is that the subconscious holds a belief that the allergen is dangerous. As soon as the allergen is in contact with the person, the immune system responds to the program and goes into action to help the person by producing symptoms to excrete the allergen from the body – vomiting, redness (which is inflammation to burn the allergen), runny nose and runny eyes (to flush the allergen out of the body). By simply removing the belief from the subconscious, the body no longer sees the allergen as a threat. The immune system does not need to go into action… and nothing happens.

Think of it as deleting a faulty program from your computer. When the program has been deleted, there are no longer any symptoms!

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