Homeopathy works by diluting a substance to the point where there are no particles of the matter in the water but , rather, only the energy imprint.  (In the movie ‘The Secret’ it is mentioned how Homeopathy helps our body to heal.)  The basic Principle of Homeopathy is that two similar diseases cannot be at work in the body simultaneously.

In the case of Hay Fever, one common remedy is Allium Cepa aka: onion. When you work in the kitchen with an onion, the symptoms are similar to Hay Fever: your eyes are tearing and burning and your nose is running.  By preparing a remedy using the simple onion, which mimics some of the symptoms of Hay Fever, and because two similar diseases cannot co-exist in the body (as one cancels out the other) your Hay Fever symptoms simply disappear.  It is so simple that it actually takes more time to write about it or for you to read about it than it takes for the remedy to act.

The beauty of Homeopathy is the fact that, because there are no chemicals for your body to react to, it is gentle and natural. Often the best remedy  is the simplest one.  In private consultation I have been seeing people with Hay Fever and, over the  last two years, I created a Hay Fever kit that contains the most common Homeopathic remedies to clear your Hay Fever. It comes with an audio recording of an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) session specific for clearing Hay Fever.  Both work well individually, but work fantastic when used together.  This is easy, rapid, very simple and, at the same time, it is gentle for your body.  There are no side effects, except perhaps the fact that the Hay Fever may simply not appear next Spring.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful?!

If you are suffering from hay fever symptoms and would like to order your Hay Fever Kit, contact me and I’ll get it to you ASAP so you can enjoy the outdoors!

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