My Practice is based on two Principles:

First, your body is perfect and amazing. Symptoms are ways that your body uses to regain balance. Pain, like other sensations, is a way for your body to let you know that something needs attention. Giving painkillers is only suppressing the symptoms, not addressing the cause. My practice is about addressing the underlying cause(s).

Second, your body was ‘engineered’ with the inner abilities to heal. Your body is constantly aiming at gaining balance. What I do in my practice is simply remove blocks, which then allows your body to heal on its own.

Part of my practice is based on clearing allergies. I made it part of my practice when I realized that almost one person out of three suffer from allergies. Some have small annoying symptoms, other have symptoms that can be life threatening. I am constantly amazed at how the medical system fails miserably to help people suffering from allergies. What they offer is mainly drugs to suppress the symptoms like anti-histamine, nose decongestant, anti-inflammatory, etc. which all aim at suppressing the natural responses of the immune system.

Here we can see the view of our medical system that aims at suppressing the symptoms, without addressing the cause. In truth, the immune system is working very well. It is simply acting on a faulty program. The fact is that common substances such as pollen, grass, cat and dog are not dangerous to the body. The issue with allergies is that the subconscious holds a belief that the substance or allergen is dangerous. As soon as the person is in contact with the allergen, the immune system responds to the belief and the immune system goes into action to protect the person by producing symptoms to excrete the allergen from the body – vomiting, redness (which is inflammation to burn the allergen), runny nose and runny eyes (to flush the allergen out of the body). By simply removing the belief from the subconscious, the body no longer sees the allergen as a threat.

The immune system does not need to go into action… and nothing happens. The person is now free off allergies. Think of it as deleting a faulty program from your computer. When the program has been deleted, there are no longer any symptoms! To remove this program, I am using tools like NLP and Homeopathy, two powerful tool when use together, allow your body to heal rapidly.

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