Allergies often develop during times of transition. Such transitions are limitless and can include things such as moving to a new place, becoming pregnant and going through pregnancy, getting married, becoming ill, going through puberty or a divorce/break up, career transitions or promotions, leaving a religion and so on.

During these periods of transition, we must adapt to all kinds of new situations and develop new routines. Eventually, we become accustomed to these new situations and eventually everything becomes familiar. The more familiar we are to a certain situation, the more comfortable it feels. However, before becoming familiar and comfortable with particular situations, there is a period of adaptation where we are under stress.

During this period of adaptation, your immune system is also working at finding out who you are, what is you and what is not you. If you are under stress for several weeks and you are eating a particular food every day, your subconscious may relate that particular food to the stressful life situation that you find yourself in. From that point on, that particular food may become connected with stress and your immune system will activate when you come in contact or consume that particular food. That specific food has now become an allergen for you.

When you are in a familiar environment, your immune system knows who you are and what is safe for you. When you are in period of transition, your immune system is in a state where everything is strange, where everything is new. Your immune system must differentiate what is safe and what is not safe in this new environment. Mistakes are done by the immune system, which can categorize something as dangerous even though it is quite safe. This is why allergies often start during periods of transition. Let’s call it a mistake of classification on the immune system’s behalf.

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