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Pet Allergies No More

Living a life with an allergy makes daily really impinge on your activities. This last Spring I’ve had many clients contact me to help get rid of their allergies in particular Hay Fever allergies. Since I started clearing allergies using Homeopathy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), I have seen some pretty amazing results and the …


Epipen and Anaphylactic Shock

Let’s look at the EpiPen™. It can save lives in the case of very severe allergies. In such situations, the immune system triggers symptoms so severe that they put the life of the allergy sufferer at risk. An example of this is swelling in the throat that prevents air from reaching the lungs. That’s when …


What is Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Your digestive tract is actually a tube. If you place a marble in your mouth and swallow it, it will go down the esophagus, pass though your stomach, go into your small intestine, go through the large intestine until it reaches the rectum and exits through the anus. In a sense the marble never actually …