From our salty tears to the minerals making up our bones and tissues, our body is made up in large part of good salts. When a body is cremated, the water evaporates and what is left is salt or ashes (minerals).

Why is some salt pink or grey (or green!)?

The colour of a salt comes from the different minerals that are present in the environment of the salt’s place of origin.

I suggest that you have a variety of salts in your diet, such as French sea salt (grey/beige, humid), himalayan salt (pink/salmon), Iranian salt (some blue in it), Hawaiian salt (red), lava salt (black), Celtic salt (green), and so on.

Nature provides lots of different options, which makes it evident how important it is for us. Planet earth is covered by saltwater which is so important to the global ecosystem, just as it is important for our bodies.

Health problems due to lack of good salts

Black circles under the eyes can indicate a salt deficiency. People who lack energy and are always stressed will be helped by taking good salt, as the adrenals need salt to work properly. People who are overweight and experiencing water retention in the abdomen or other places in the body, often have a salt issue.

When children have fevers, they will sweat out water with their perspiration. At the same time, they are losing salts (electrolytes). Be sure to replenish the salts (with a healthy kind of salt) by adding salt to their water. This will ensure they won’t get weak due to an electrolyte imbalance and will regain their energy/stamina rapidly. I worked for many years in Pediatric Hospital in Montreal and a child with fever and/or diarrhea dehydrates faster than an adult. Simply giving a ¼ teaspoon of good salt will bring them back from their lethargy in less then 3 minutes!

Other uses for salt

A great way to eat salt is to add it to a salad, so that it balances out the potassium in the leafy green vegetables. Sodium and Potassium are a team working together in our body for optimal health.

I also use salt as fertilizer for my plants, giving them all the minerals that they need because they are organic beings just like us! You would think that this might dry them out, but with good rainwater and good salt (which contains many micro-nutrients) my plants have never seemed happier!

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