When there is a problem in your body, your immune and other built‐in systems do the repairing.

Your body is amazing! Its engineering could not be more perfect and could not be replicated by anything man made. Only nature or whatever higher power you believe in, could create something so amazing!

Symptoms that you complain about, whatever they are – cramps, pain, inflammation, etc – are your body repairing itself or showing you where there is a problem that needs to be addressed… not suppressed.

Symptoms are the way your body tells you what is going on. The symptoms are the end product resulting from a cause; they are the effects due to a root cause.

The cause, or the problem, is what I address during a consultation. When I treat the cause, the symptoms disappear.
My practice is based around listening to you, observing the messages from your body and providing your body with what it needs to function optimally. This way, the symptoms vanish with ease, and you don’t need to continuously give your body drugs to suppress the symptoms. I help you eliminate the cause. Drugs only suppress the symptoms without dealing with the root cause.

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