I read somewhere the owner of a company had a problem with the machinery, the main machine that was needed to produce the core product was not working. It was making a funny noise, there was issues with it so he called the repair guy.

The repair guy came and looked at the machine and was very attentive to it to discover what the problem was. He listened to the noises it made, smelled it to see if there was any odours, he used instruments to determine what was wrong, he touched the machine to feel if there were cold or hot spots – he was getting information. He was able to find out what was the cause of the problem. He used his tools to fix the problem, screwing in each screw nice and tightly. The machine started working again!

The next week the owner received the bill from the repair guy, the bill was $1000. The owner though “wow, that is very expensive to have just tightened some screws”. So, he call the repair guy and told him that it was to expensive and to show him more detail in the invoice.  The repair man said it cost $999 to find the cause using his knowledge and expertise and only $1 to actually tighten the screw.

This scenario is how I view my Homeopathy practice. Most of my work is finding out what is the cause of my client’s symptoms, when I discover the cause it can be very simple to find the solution.

If you’re ready to fix your machine (body), contact me for some information. I offer sessions for people around the world (thanks to Skype!)

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