I wish that as a young mom, I knew about this trick to treat a cold naturally – it would have made taking care of sick kids a whole lot easier! My two kids are now in their late 20s (where does the time go!). I spent many nights with them as kids as they suffered through numerous colds or flus. I can’t wait for you to try this trick with your family, please leave a comment to let me know how it worked!

When you have a cold, flu or any kind of viral or bacterial infection, your body will be producing symptoms (runny nose, a cough, fatigue etc). Your body is directing all its energy toward the immune system in order to produce the fever that is needed to heat up the body temperature to destroy the virus or bacteria.  Because all our energy is being directed toward the immune system, we end up experiencing low energy and fatigue during that period.

This simple, home solution treats colds naturally

Garlic is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. Your feet, are a part of the body that can absorb very easily, just as much as it sweats. Feet sweat out toxins (we all know this from when we exercise and get smelly socks). Why am I talking about garlic and feet in a post about colds and cases of the flu?

Well, combine garlic’s many properties with the feet’s ability to absorb and I assure you, your cold or flu will drastically reduce in length and severity. If you do this when you first start feeling sick, you may avoid most of the symptoms altogether!

Here is what you do to treat your family’s colds, naturally :

  1. Take a piece of saran wrap
  2. Crush or cut up small, thin pieces of garlic
  3. Put the garlic on the sheet of saran wrap and step on it
  4. Wrap the saran wrap around your foot and add a sock to keep it all secure
  5. Kick back, watch some Netflix, open that bottle of wine or go to bed. 

I discovered this neat trick in a summer class when I was studying to be a health care practitioner many years ago. I walked into the classroom to the smell of garlic which the instructor had on her desk. She asked us to put a slice of garlic between our toes for the first half of the class. After about an hour or so, everyone removed the garlic and went out in the hallway for a break. Already, most of us could taste garlic in our mouths as if we had just eaten a garlicy ceasar salad!

Last winter I had a runny nose and felt depleted of my usual energy. I understood that I had a virus that my body was fighting probably a simple cold. Immediately I got my garlic/saran wrap/sock combo together. It took only 15 minutes, my energy was back and my nose stopped running.

I have countless examples of friends, my now grown children and clients completely zapping their colds simply with this garlic trick. Such a simple and highly effective trick to keep you and your family healthy!

Leave a comment below to let me know how this worked for you!

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