I would like to give my testimonial of my journey with Louise Grenier from very bad health back to normal life.

I have suffered from stomach issues for many years and they gradually became unbearable.

Constipation, GERD acid reflux, so much inflammation throughout my body I would hardly walk on my feet they were so painful. I had a rash on my legs that was like many mosquito bites and very itchy. My family doctor sent me to 5 different specialists over the 20 years with absolutely no answers and no help. Just gave me pills (usually prednisone) and creams to apply that did not help. I also had mouth sores constantly for years. Then for about a year I became nauseous and felt like I had a flue or a very bad hangover. I ached all over all the time. When I ate I would fill up so quickly and then would feel sick for hours like why did I eat. Then I would get such hunger that I would just have to eat, only to feel full very quickly – then why did I eat as I feel so nauseous. On and On, day after day. My Md sent me for a scope test to see what was going on with my stomach. They did not find any problems that was visible and was told to just stay on the same drugs. I had been on for years for my stomach issues. After many, many visits to many doctors, I was told all my medical tests were showing nothing and was being told that I had to learn to “cope”! I just did not know what to do as I had already lost 40 pounds and for someone only 5 feet tall, that was a lot for me.

I had a friend who recommended Louise Grenier. I gave Louise a phone call where she asked me a few questions and then told me she felt she could help me back to good health. I then told her how I dreaded all those 4 hours drive it would take to her office for my visits with her. I was just so sick and had very little energy. Louise then informed me I could do my appointments with her over the phone. WoW, that worked out so much for me as I listened to Louise with her gentle voice and manner help me back to good health with such good explanations of how my body works and how to naturally fix my gut, and others organs and body parts. This process took a few sessions but Oh! So worth it!

Now I am feeling better than I have in many years. Life is great when one feels great.

Thank you Louise as you were a God sent to me.

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