Hay fever can be extremely annoying and can become a serious problem. The symptoms are sometimes so severe that they can interrupt our normal flow of life, many times to the point of keeping us inside the house with the windows closed for most of the summer.

The most common symptoms of hay fever are a runny nose and teary eyes, it also often comes with intense fatigue and nasal congestion. All these symptoms make it difficult to sleep at night with a clogged nose and sometimes impossible to enjoy the outdoors. Even if you can put up with the symptoms, the lack of energy will hold you back as most of your energy is being used by the immune system to eliminate the allergens from the body.

I was suffering from hay fever when I was working as a nurse. A friend of mine, who was a pharmacist in Quebec, introduced me to Homeopathy. Finally, I had access to a remedy that was working better than an anti-histamine, it did not cause drowsiness and it was good and gentle for my body. That was the start of my journey with Homeopathy.

My symptoms vanished using the principles of homeopathy, which is that two similar diseases cannot be active in the body at the same time. The two most common homeopathic remedies for hay fever are Allium Cepa (Latin for onion), which is made from the juice of the onion where the chemical part is removed to leave only the energetic component. Reacting to an onion and having hay fever produce similar symptoms like runny nose and burning eyes. Because you cannot have an onion reaction and hay fever symptoms at the same time, taking Allium Cepa makes the hay fever symptoms vanish.

The second most common remedy is Sabadilla which is when the hay fever comes with lots of sneezing. The runny nose is often acrid which often causes redness to the skin between the nose and the upper lip.

Hay fever holds similarity to the experiment of Pavlov with his dogs. Each time he gave them food, he would ring a bell. After a while, the dogs will salivate just hearing the bell, even when no foods were presented. With Hay fever, you are outside and pollen gets into your eyes and nose so your body produces fluid to flush it out. This happens again and again. Eventually, your body triggers the runny nose and watery eyes automatically by assuming that pollen is present. You end up with hay fever most of the summer even when not to much pollen in the air.

To get rid of hay fever for good, the change needs to take place at the level of the mind to change the belief from “pollen is a threat” to “pollen is safe.” Using neurolinguistic programming (NLP) together with more complex homeopathic remedies than the ones mentioned above to target allergies to grass, trees, etc. lends pretty amazing and rapid results. Often this is accomplished with just one or two visits.

Hay fever is easy and rapid to eliminate. Just imagine…a summer without hay fever. Beautiful and … possible!

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