Last May I wrote an article on a severe case of Hay Fever. Here is the follow-up I just receive from the mother, which is now 1 year since his session to clear his Hay Fever.

“Ever since that one visit with Louise for Grant’s allergies, he has not had a problem at all. This is pretty remarkable considering the fact that his symptoms were SO severe. It has nearly been a year and I am excited to see him free of his hay fever and all of the symptoms that came with it. We even went camping in the summer and he didn’t experience any problems!” Kinds regard, Lesley (Grant’s mother)

Here is last year (beginning of Spring 2015) article:

I just have to share this recent allergy case with you! A 13 year old boy came to me for help with his spring time allergies to grasses and the white fluffy stuff that is always flying around in the spring, from Poplar trees. His allergies were so severe that he could barely leave his house in the spring because as you know, in Alberta one inevitably encounters this allergen. His allergy was so severe that he would spend most of the day in bed with nausea and vomiting, as well as severe vertigo. He had pounding, unbearable headaches and pain in every muscle of his body.
When this started to interfere with school and his social life, his mother knew it was time to get some help. I helped to balance the energy of his body (this is essential for any sort of healing), and then we used NLP (Neuro‐Linguistic Programming) to remove the “allergy program” from his subconscious. This “program” was identifying pollen and grass as a threat to his body. Once this was done, the colour had come back to his face and his headaches had disappeared!

Feeling brave, we went outside where the air was filled with poplar fluff flying around and the smell of grass cuttings from the neighbour’s newly cut lawn. It was interesting to observe him as we stood outside. Expecting to go into shock as he was used to, he just stood there breathing and acting normally. After a few moments of realizing he was safe, he even went up to a blossoming apple tree in the yard and took a big whiff – no symptoms!

At the end of the session, he left with Homeopathic remedies to secure the work we had done in the 40-minute session.
No more crippling allergies in just one session! The body is amazing! The immune system is amazing!! Working at the level of the subconscious is amazing!!!

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