Initial Appointment: My son has a hard time during the summer months from May, with allergies to pollen. He not only gets sinus congestion but has bouts of nausea, headaches, vertigo and body pain.

During the episodes he is unable to go to school and tends to sleep most of the time. I have tried the conventional antihistamines, but they don’t work but tend to just make him even more drowsy and nauseated.

I took him to see Louise, she spent an hour doing EFT and NLP and gave him some homeopathics to take over 5 days.

Louise was very thorough, patient and listened very well to my son’s concerns. He responded very well to her gentle and caring nature. When we left the office, my son felt perfectly well.

That was 2 weeks ago and he has not had an allergy attack since. I am very appreciative of Louise and would recommend this treatment.


One year later: Ever since that one visit with Louise for Grant’s allergies, he has not had a problem at all.

This is pretty remarkable from the fact that his symptoms were SO severe.  It has nearly been a year and I am excited to see him free of his hay fever and all of the symptoms that came with it.

We even went camping in the summer and he didn’t experience any problems!

Kinds regard,
Lesley (Grant’s mother)

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