“Near the end of October I received my tragic news that I had cancer. I found out the next week after a biopsy that I had ‘Lymphoma B stage 4’.  The oncologist stated I had to start radiation right away so I had five straight days of almost the full amount they can give somebody over their lifetime. After that I was to go home for a month to recover.
Then in Dec, I started my first chemo treatment, which was supposed to go on for about six months to help kill or control the cancer.
On Dec. 29, I was rushed back to the U of A as I had trouble breathing and fevered.  From medical records and my wife and family telling me what happened in the U of A.
I was put into an induced coma and on a respirator for my breathing.  I was also told I had 13 tubes, needles, etc. in my body plus a special bed to turn me every so slightly as they couldn’t turn me or wash me.
I still kept sinking until another doctor decided to try me on an oscillator, which gave me 200 puffs of oxygen per minute.  This stabilized me and started me on the road to recovery.  After a week on the oscillator, they put me back on respirator still maintaining all the drugs, tubes and IV’s in my body. Needless to say, I was in the coma for about 4.5 weeks then stabilized enough to move me back to the Cross Cancer Hospital. (Still not awake).  I was so heavily drugged that my good wife had to tell me where I was and what happened after waking up 5 to 6 days later at the Cross cancer.
When I finally was able to talk, I didn’t make any sense what I was saying and the doctors and nurses had to talk to the boss (my wife) about all matters. When I regained my facilities, I realized I was a quadriplegic as I couldn’t lift my arm, legs and had no motor skills.  Very frightening!!!
I was still being fed by intravenous with tubes all over so we decided to try and get them removed as soon as possible.  I had to start very small moving my fingers, then trying to use rubber bands to get my arms moving, as I still couldn’t feed myself.
After three weeks with my ‘drill sergeant (wife)’ and brother pushing and helping me in more ways then I can possibly describe, they got me up and moving around.
The doctors and physiotherapist told me I had to walk at least fifty paces before I could go home.  With all the help I shuffled around my bed, then my room, then with a four legged walker I was able to walk those fifty paces so I could go home and get some rest with no one waking me in the middle of the night to see if I was okay.
When I got home, I would not make it up the four or five steps to our main living area (needed big help).  I used the walker all the time to get around. The Cross cancer staff where excellent, but they only had so much time.  The doctors stated they didn’t know what to do with me as they had given all the radiation they could and the one treatment of chemo, which almost killed me.  So, they released me and wished me the best.
Thus I sought an alternative to try and help fight cancer and bring me back to health.  I searched different naturopaths, homeopath, etc.
I found Louise Grenier in St. Albert who was very supportive, caring and very much wanted to help me as long as I was serious about listening, doing what she requested and telling her everything.
The first time I met her, I walked up two steps into her home (her office was on the second floor).  I couldn’t climb the stairs with my walker and I was too weak to do it.  So, she very kindly interviewed me in her living room and we took about two hours to start and fill out my history chart.  We didn’t finish and I took it home to work on it, as I was too tired to continue.
We started by clearing all the drugs they had put into my body in the hospitals.  She started to de-tox every part of my body starting with the parts that hurt the most to the least sore one.  About 2 years she was unbelievable.  She changed our diet completely for the better, We went home after Louise telling us everything to look at like purging our house of all while (flour, sugar, rice, et) and all our processed foods and to start making everything from scratch with healthy food).  She also helps giving me various herbs and homeopathic remedies for detoxing my organs and allowing repairs.  The pain was vanishing as I was working with her.  Slowly, I progressed from being weak and not being able to do things to do more simple things like walking, eating, etc.  I also started to feel pain-free even better then I felt before all this started.  This took about 5 years of her helping me.  We kept working on the timeline plus Louise was brooding out my thinking on lots of other healthy choices, including ways to make me feel better emotionally.
I’m still going to Louise 10 years after, about once a year, after I was turned away from the Cross Cancer Hospital.  I have gone back so they could do blood tests to see if the cancer was advancing or back.  This year they told me I’m cancer free thus they would do no more checking and to return to my family doctor.  Louise has helped me in every way I can think of, not just giving me a pain-free healthy body but mentally I’m stronger and much happier.  I know with Louise’s continued support and guidance, I will continue to enjoy very good health and a happy life.
Thanks to my Guardian Angel. Thanks again Louise. Forever grateful.”

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