“I had a very severe allergy to cats.  In 2015 I visited my daughter in Edmonton.  My daughter did a good job cleaning her house to remove as much cat hair as possible and she sent her cat to a ‘cat daycare’ for 2 weeks before my arrival.  Even with a clean house and no cat in the house, my allergic reaction was still very severe.

Now, in 2018, I am back for my grand daughter’s graduation.  Since my last visit in 2015 my daughter acquired a second cat.  My allergies are severe and show the same symptoms as a severe pneumonia.  This time I was referred to Louise Grenier, we had a phone consultation 2 weeks before my arrival.  Louise send me specific Homeopathic remedies for my cat allergy and we chatted about 30 min. over the phone to have a session of NeuroLinguistic programming specific for allergies.

This is unbelievable, this time I didn’t had any reaction, none!  Even thought I was in a condo with 2 cats who sat and brush themselves against me for those whole 2 weeks.  This is happiness!   Absolutely no reaction and no need for medical drugs!”

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