Please describe your allergic symptoms:  I was allergic to grass, pollen, trees and the earth.  I would break out in hives, and my eyes would be all bloodshot and watery and my sinuses would hurt, I would get really, really itchy if I had bare feet in grass and get rashes.”
When did you experience allergies?  All year long, it would be really bad in the summertime, in the wintertime I had issues with dust.
How were the allergies affecting your life?  I wasn’t going outside, the last couple of years I spent a lot of time indoors, so I wasn’t able to go for walks.  As soon as there was pollen in the air I hid inside because I would get sneezy, so…just not being able to enjoy going outdoors.
How long have you been suffering from allergies?  I am 26 years old, I have been suffering 8 years really badly, probably 20 years in total.
On a scale of 0-10 (with 0 allowing you to play outside and 10 where you are forced to stay inside) where do you put your allergies:  Summertime 8, wintertime 3.
Did you believe with one treatment they could be cured?  Yes…not necessarily curing but reprogramming your brain.  A cure is a miracle.  When you start talking about reprogramming your brain, people understand that.  It’s more believable.
How long ago were you treated? One week ago.
How do you feel: I feel Great!
What are you able to do now that you were not able to do before? The last week I’ve been outside a lot, in bare feet and I can go up to cedar and spruce trees and rub myself with it and not get rashes.  Pollen’s everywhere and it’s not bothering me.  I have been inside with my cat these last couple of days and we haven’t worked on my cat allergies, so I have been sneezing a lot.  It is the month of May and there is a lot of pollen floating in the air, and it’s dry and it’s dusty and the grass is all prickly.
How many times did you see Dr Grenier for allergies?  Once.
Could you tell me about your experience with Dr Grenier:   How did you get rid of these allergies?  I think it’s really neat because… she gives you tools, she said her goal is that you don’t keep coming here, it does cost money and time.  ….she give you tools that once you are done coming that you can use at home, she helps you tap into your subconscious and helps you visualise
things and be able to work through those things that you can do at home.  The actual experience is neat in that she takes you through a visualisation experience so that you can basically delete that program so that you don’t have those allergies. And it (the treatment) wasn’t very long, it was an hour, and then I went outside and breathed in pollen and rolled in the grass and nothing, no  allergies!
If you had to put a price on your health, how much would that be worth? It’s priceless.
And the price tag?  What’s the price of life though?  There is no real price tag on things you value in life. I’ve dealt with medical things for years, and do you really want to live the rest of your life that way?  We can learn the tools and take them home.  People spend thousands of dollars on stupid things … we can choose between taking a vacation for one week or being out of allergies and being
able to breath for 12 months of the year for the rest of your life. You only have one body; this is all you got, you have to work through issues.
Prior to Dr Grenier, what solutions did you have for your allergies:  I was using Claritin, nasal rinses and staying inside.
What was the advice from your Allergy Specialist?  Her advice was to:  1. Get rid of your cats;  2. Never go into a forest;  3. Stay inside and take your inhaler;  4. Claritin is just a band aid; it does not get rid of the issue.  5.  There is no solution.
A bonus!!! Two weeks after her treatment for pollen, grass and tree allergies, she has found that her cat allergies have also cleared up. She is ecstatic that she can fully enjoy the two cats she shares her house with.

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