Chronic Diseases

We live in a world of polarity, of yin and yang, and of balance. Our body is energy and physical matter at the same time.

Both aspects must be addressed for optimal health.

If you suffer from a chronic disease that shows no sign of improvement, it may be because the medical system is focusing on your physical/material body while your energy/electrical system is being ignored.

The true cause of many health challenges is often neglected. In many cases, the cause of your symptoms is not actually rooted in your physical body but is due to your body’s energy not flowing properly.Energy/electricity is a vital part of your body’s health – your beating heart, your expanding lungs and your moving breath. As you read this article, your digestive system is working. So are your kidneys and your liver. Your brain cells are firing and this goes on non-stop 24/7… all because of the electrical nature of your body. The presence of electricity means that you are alive. When the electrical signals in your body stop (imagine the flat line on an electrocardiogram), your body becomes a corpse. No electricity equals no life.

A healthy diet is one that provides a wide source of minerals. Once your body absorbs those minerals, they become electrolytes, which are responsible for the electrical signals in your body.

The turnover of cells in your body is constant. Cells in your eyes have a turnover of only a few days, which is why healing is rapid after eye surgery. Your skin cells turn over in about one month as the dead cells exfoliate. It takes about two years for all the cells in your entire body to renew completely.

When your energetic blueprint is accurate and healthy, every new cell is created in exactly the right way to act as a liver cell or a bone cell or a pancreatic cell, for example. Think of it as the architectural blueprint of a house. If the blueprint is perfect, the resulting house will be built perfectly. The same applies to your body blueprint, which is energetic in nature. If your energy blueprint is perfect, then every cell is going to be created perfectly to ensure your optimal health.

I believe that healthcare priorities should consider the body electricity first and the physical/material body second. If some chronic disease is ravaging your body, it is possible that the energy related to the challenged organ has already been in distress for some time. The body’s energy frequently can become compromised after some emotional trauma. When that happens, the energy doesn’t flow easily and physical body challenges start to show. The modern medical system is trained to focus only on the end product, which is the disease symptoms in your physical body. The effectiveness of treating your body’s energy systems first is amazing!

In my practice, I focus on three things:
1. Ensuring that your physical body has what it needs to heal.
2. Ensuring that your body’s energy/electricity flows with ease, the way it is meant to.
3. Getting rid of emotional charges related to past events that may be disturbing your energy flow and thus affecting your physical body.

If you suffer from a long-term health challenge, ask yourself if it all started after some big emotional event in your life. If the answer is “yes,” then please contact me. You may have identified the real cause of your problem and we can work together to bring you back to health!



Allergies and Emotions

Clients often ask why removing some allergies takes one session while getting rid of other allergies requires a few more. It is mainly because of the emotional component often attached to those allergies.

If your allergy is due to a pure conditioned response, eliminating it generally requires one or two sessions. If your allergy is compounded by emotional issues, we need to clear the underlying reason and re-educate your immune system so it is willing to see the allergens as safe. This usually takes two or three sessions.

It’s the job of your immune system to protect you from internal threats such as viruses, fungi, bacteria, and allergens. Your immune system is wise and is always working to protect you the best it can. Allergy symptoms are the result of your immune system being activated to expel or neutralize a substance that it identifies as a threat. So simply supressing the symptoms with drugs doesn’t solve the problem. We must remove the root cause.

There are several reasons why your immune system might end up identifying something as an allergen.

Conditioning. Hay fever is a good example of this. Suppose you are outside and you are under some stress. Pollen gets into your eyes and nose so your body produces tears and nasal discharge to get rid of it. At some point, your body develops the unconscious habit of generating runny nose and burning eyes whenever there is pollen about. This is similar to Pavlov’s dogs who were conditioned to salivate whenever they heard a bell. In the case of hay fever, however, the tears and runny nose start in the presence of pollen even when there is no stress present. Getting rid of hay fever (and other allergies that are due to conditioning) forever usually requires only a single session.

Protection. Some allergies are actually useful in achieving an end, such as when someone unconsciously uses an allergic reaction as an excuse. An example of this is an allergy to smoke. Smokers may be more inclined to refrain from smoking in the presence of someone who is allergic rather than someone who simply doesn’t like smoke. This is not done consciously.

Connection. An allergy can also develop because of some personal attachment, for example when someone wants to be like a parent or other significant person in their life so they can feel connected or protected. When a mother suffers from many allergies, her child often ends up developing many allergies too… and this happens completely unconsciously. The child learns from the mother that certain foods cause certain symptoms and so develops the same reaction patterns as the mother. Furthermore, emulating parents is a way to feel closer to them and attract loving attention.

Association of perceived allergen with emotional trauma. An example of this is witnessing an accident while eating a certain type of food. The subconscious may create an association between the traumatic event and the food even though the body might otherwise consider that food to be completely innocuous. From that moment on, the immune system recognizes the food as an element of distress and produces an allergic reaction each time the person eats that type of food. Food allergies are common in children raised in dysfunctional families where the level of meal-time stress is very high.

The conventional medical approach to treating allergies is to use antihistamines. Because this approach only supresses the symptoms, there is no end to the treatment. Completely eliminating a health challenge such as allergies requires actually removing the root cause. The body isn’t random; if it produces symptoms, it’s because it sees a need for them. As long as your immune system perceives allergens as a threat, it continues to protect you using allergic symptoms.

During a treatment session, I first guide you through simple, easy, quick techniques to find alternative ways of preserving the positive aspects of allergic responses, if any. Then, I help retrain your immune system using homeopathy and neurolinguistic programming so that it reacts to substances the same way a healthy immune system should. Finally, we test the results safely and carefully. This test might be in my office if the allergen is readily available if it is safe to. Or I might suggest that you do the testing under your doctor’s supervision.


Similarities Between Allergies and Phobias

Dr. Michael Levi, an immunologist, believes that an allergy is like a “phobia” of the immune system. In his analogy, an allergy in a person indicates that their immune system has developed an irrational “fear” of a certain substance causing the immune system to “panic” when confronted by that substance.

The intense fear you experience in a phobia sends your body into fight-or-flight mode, directing energy to parts of your body to save your life. Your heart beats faster to provide an emergency supply of extra blood to your muscles that tense as you prepare to flee, and your nervous system goes into high alert.

It’s the same principle with an allergy where your immune system prepares to expel, or at least neutralize, the allergens entering your body. But just as a phobia is a fear without reason, an allergy is also an unconsciously irrational reaction.

Imagine life’s elements divided into two categories: those that are dangerous and those that are safe. For example, burning houses and crashing automobiles are clearly in the dangerous category while clowns and water should be in the safe category because they are no overt threat to safety. In a phobia, elements in the safe category become mistakenly classified in the dangerous category. As soon as something from the dangerous category gets close to a person, their adrenal glands activate to release cortisol, which causes heart palpitations, sweating, and anxiety. Their entire body mounts a concerted defence to protect against the object of fear.

Allergies work the same way. Ingesting poison, which naturally belongs in the dangerous category, may trigger cramps, vomiting, inflammation, and swelling to protect the body. But milk and eggs are not poison and should not cause any distress. For people with allergies, these foods have been erroneously classified as dangerous and are labelled as allergens. When those allergens enter the body, the body’s immune system triggers to cause swelling, redness, inflammation, and itchiness. Again, the entire body goes into defence mode to expel the allergen.

In the case of both phobias and allergies, the body/mind system produces a huge fear response to a non-dangerous situation. In either case, taking drugs (e.g., anti-histamines to suppress the body’s production of histamines) or avoiding the source of the perceived threat may address the symptoms in the short term but completely miss solving the underlying problem. What is really required is some way of convincing the subconscious body/mind that there is no danger.

Allergies, like phobias, and the resulting misclassification of safe elements as dangerous, are the results of past events in which you felt danger while you were in close proximity to the element. Your subconscious protected you by moving that specific element into the dangerous category. For example, food allergies acquired during childhood might be due to the child experiencing stressful family situations while eating. If the child felt threatened while drinking milk, and that threat was present often enough, then at some point the subconscious connected milk with danger and moved milk into the dangerous category.

I have had a spider phobia most of my life. I remember the triggering event. My mother was kneeling on my bedroom dresser, cleaning the open window in front of her. When I entered the room, I thought my mother was about to fall out the window. Right at that moment, she jumped in surprise as she uncovered a spider. My mother was not afraid of spiders but was simply startled. However, I was really frightened when I saw my mother, who was in a precarious position, jump when she found the spider. My own subconscious was not being logical by any means when it moved spiders into the dangerous category. From then on, any spider even on TV, triggered a phobic response in my body.
Phobias and allergies are sometimes created together. Not long ago, I was able to clear a young man of his hay fever. His fear of bees disappeared at the same time because it had been created simultaneously with his hay fever. Bonus!

My practice is based on using homeopathy and neurolinguistic programming together to re-classify the elements of your allergies and phobias into their proper categories so you can leave them behind and live life without fear or discomfort.


Hay Fever Allergy

Hay fever can be extremely annoying and can become a serious problem. The symptoms are sometimes so severe that they can interrupt our normal flow of life, many times to the point of keeping us inside the house with the windows closed for most of the summer. Continue reading “Hay Fever Allergy”


Spring allergies? Not anymore for this 13 year old

Last May I wrote an article on a severe case of Hay Fever. Here is the follow-up I just receive from the mother, which is now 1 year since his session to clear his Hay Fever.

“Ever since that one visit with Louise for Grant’s allergies, he has not had a problem at all. This is pretty remarkable considering the fact that his symptoms were SO severe. It has nearly been a year and I am excited to see him free of his hay fever and all of the symptoms that came with it. We even went camping in the summer and he didn’t experience any problems!” Kinds regard, Lesley (Grant’s mother)

Here is last year (beginning of Spring 2015) article:

I just have to share this recent allergy case with you! A 13 year old boy came to me for help with his spring time allergies to grasses and the white fluffy stuff that is always flying around in the spring, from Poplar trees. His allergies were so severe that he could barely leave his house in the spring because as you know, in Alberta one inevitably encounters this allergen. His allergy was so severe that he would spend most of the day in bed with nausea and vomiting, as well as severe vertigo. He had pounding, unbearable headaches and pain in every muscle of his body.
When this started to interfere with school and his social life, his mother knew it was time to get some help. I helped to balance the energy of his body (this is essential for any sort of healing), and then we used NLP (Neuro‐Linguistic Programming) to remove the “allergy program” from his subconscious. This “program” was identifying pollen and grass as a threat to his body. Once this was done, the colour had come back to his face and his headaches had disappeared!

Feeling brave, we went outside where the air was filled with poplar fluff flying around and the smell of grass cuttings from the neighbour’s newly cut lawn. It was interesting to observe him as we stood outside. Expecting to go into shock as he was used to, he just stood there breathing and acting normally. After a few moments of realizing he was safe, he even went up to a blossoming apple tree in the yard and took a big whiff – no symptoms!

At the end of the session, he left with Homeopathic remedies to secure the work we had done in the 40-minute session.
No more crippling allergies in just one session! The body is amazing! The immune system is amazing!! Working at the level of the subconscious is amazing!!!


Pet Allergies No More

Living a life with an allergy makes daily really impinge on your activities. This last Spring I’ve had many clients contact me to help get rid of their allergies in particular Hay Fever allergies. Since I started clearing allergies using Homeopathy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), I have seen some pretty amazing results and the word is definitely spreading.

Today, I got a call from the mom of a 14‐year‐old boy who came last year for two sessions. For them, the idea was to clear his severe cat allergy, so that he could enjoy staying at his grandparent’s home, his grandparent’s have four cats! His mom called me this morning to let me know how impressed the whole family was to observe that Dylan had no symptoms during his three‐day stay; he was even able to play with the cats.

What I did with him during the 2 sessions was communicate to his immune system, via the subconscious, that being in contact with cats and dogs should be processed the same way as anybody else that has no allergic reaction. He used Homeopathic remedies for only 2 days following his session. These were used to reinforce the new information that we introduced to his immune system.

I love sharing stories like this and can’t wait to help more clients lead easier allergy‐free lives. If you have a story you would like to share about how our work together helped you live allergy‐ free, send me a personal email ( letting me know how you are doing, and how life is without allergic reactions!


Epipen and Anaphylactic Shock

Let’s look at the EpiPen™. It can save lives in the case of very severe allergies. In such situations, the immune system triggers symptoms so severe that they put the life of the allergy sufferer at risk. An example of this is swelling in the throat that prevents air from reaching the lungs. That’s when an EpiPen™ is really useful.

However, knowing just when to use the EpiPen™ is never easy. One mother recently suggested to another to give an EpiPen™ shot to a four-month-old baby who suffered from diaper rash and upset stomach after drinking milk. Her reasoning was that if the allergy affected two or more organs, that was sufficient reason to use the EpiPen™.
That reasoning is wrong, and maybe even dangerous. Here is how the EpiPen™ works.

Your body’s central nervous system has two ways of operating: parasympathetic mode and sympathetic mode.

Parasympathetic mode prevails when you are relaxed, when you go about your normal life and feel safe, quiet, and calm. You can go deeper into parasympathetic through meditation, yoga, prayer, reading a good book, or engaging in an interesting hobby. When your body is operating in this mode, it directs its energy to your digestive system, to your immune system, to your urinary system, and to your reproductive system. (The latter may explain why women under stress may have trouble becoming pregnant… until they go on vacation.)

Sympathetic mode occurs when you are under stress, whether you’re being chased by a lion or simply facing an unreasonable work deadline. This is also called the “fight or flight response.” In sympathetic mode, your body directs its energy to your muscles, your nervous system, and your circulatory system: the parts of your body required to save your life from outside danger in case of an emergency. Your adrenal glands produce adrenaline and cortisol to give those organs more energy so they can help save your life.

The immune system is there to protect you from internal dangers like viruses, bacteria, fungal infections, and allergens. It might seem strange but nasty symptoms from allergic reactions are a result of your body’s attempt to protect you. If your body considers dairy products, cats, or pollen as threats to your safety, it will fire up the immune system to protect you. Problems arise when the response from your immune system is so strong that it endangers your life. Anaphylactic shock is one example of this.

Your body can be in either parasympathetic or sympathetic mode. You don’t need your immune system to save your life in short periods of extreme danger. For example, when you’re being chased by a lion, your body has higher priorities for its energy than fighting off a cold virus or combatting a dairy allergy.

You are generally in parasympathetic mode when you have an allergic reaction. Using the EpiPen rapidly shifts you into sympathetic mode where the immune system gets shut off. This makes the allergy symptoms disappear rapidly and saves your life.

However, the EpiPen™ is hard on the body because it injects a high dose of adrenalin into your bloodstream. This adrenalin surge triggers the muscles, heart, and nervous system into emergency overdrive to fight or flee.

This is like pulling the fire alarm in a building: great in case of emergency but there is no need to use it when there is no fire. That is why the EpiPen™ is amazing when really needed in urgent situations. However, you should not use it in the case of mild allergic reactions like diaper rash or tummy ache.

EpiPen™ is a registered trademark of Mylan Inc. and used by Pfizer Canada under licence.


What is Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Your digestive tract is actually a tube. If you place a marble in your mouth and swallow it, it will go down the esophagus, pass though your stomach, go into your small intestine, go through the large intestine until it reaches the rectum and exits through the anus. In a sense the marble never actually goes into your body, but stay in the tube all along. Many substances we ingest are not mean to go into your body. An example is fiber, which is meant to stay in the tube (digestive tract) and act as a brush to clean the colon. Continue reading “What is Leaky Gut Syndrome?”