Three years ago I went from an extremely healthy, athletic and happy person to having strange life altering sensitivities/allergies to metal and many common chemicals. After 2 years of various alternative health and traditional medical visits I went to Louise.

I was to the point where just touching metal would make me dizzy, irritate my throat, cause numbness in my face and tongue and give me a headache. For many months I couldn’t use metal cutlery, touch door handles, wear clothing with any metal touching my body or use deodorant with aluminium. I could tell if a product had metal in the ingredients just by touching it. After one treatment and a few months of taking the remedy I’ve noticed an enormous improvement. I would say that I’m 90% better and can now touch almost all metal, uncoated
copper still affects me slightly, I can even wear a watch and most of my jewellery, although I avoid using tin foil for cooking I can now eat food cooked in it and I can wear aluminium deodorant if I want to.

Chemical sensitivities
The chemical sensitivities have been a bigger challenge than the metal partly because I don’t always know what I’m reacting to. One of the major benefits of my treatment is that my body is calm in between reactions whereas before my adrenalin was going almost constantly. I’ve been able to determine that I am very sensitive to Glyphosate and other chemicals that are sprayed in the summer, which is why summer is my worst time. Laundry soaps, fabric softener, perfumes, chemicals from printed material, chemicals from new products and most personal hygiene/beauty products still cause headache/ dizziness and numbness. I’m definitely about 40% less sensitive than I was before and can function in most situations.

I probably need second treatment to address some of the chemicals that I now know affect me. I’ve finally been able to start working out again which was a major part of my life prior to this starting, I’m not ready for marathon or triathlon training yet but hopefully I can get back to it eventually, I did go for my first bike ride today. I’ve also started to look for a job after 2 years of not working and am ready to get back into the world, hopefully with scent free people.

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