All my life I have eaten and enjoyed strawberries.  My mom makes the best homemade strawberry jam; strawberry shortcake has always been a favorite dessert of mine.

Until 4 years ago, I began having adverse reactions to strawberries; about 20 min to one hour after consuming strawberries either alone or in a smoothie I would become ill.  Terrible stomach pains and cramps for the entire day.  This had become bothersome.  Where did this allergy come from?  Why so sudden and out of the blue?

Last week I saw Louise Grenier at Yoga for Today, she told me she could help me with my allergy.

Of course I jumped at the opportunity.  To be able to eat and enjoy strawberries again!! Why wouldn’t I give it a shot? The appointment took roughly an hour and Louise asked me about my symptoms, how long I’ve had the allergy and about anything that would’ve maybe triggered the allergy.  I explained everything to her and she began to work her “magic”.

Once the appointment was over Louise suggested I start out small, take baby steps to see if the allergy is gone.  So that is what I did.  Over the Thanksgiving holiday I did try one strawberry and to my surprise I was fine.

What would have caused me severe stomach pains and cramping for the entire day did not.  It felt so good to be able to eat that strawberry and not have any pain.

I am so happy I saw Louise and discussed with her my allergy!

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