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How my Homeopathy Practice is like Machine Repair

I read somewhere the owner of a company had a problem with the machinery, the main machine that was needed to produce the core product was not working. It was making a funny noise, there was issues with it so he called the repair guy.

The repair guy came and looked at the machine and was very attentive to it to discover what the problem was. He listened to the noises it made, smelled it to see if there was any odours, he used instruments to determine what was wrong, he touched the machine to feel if there were cold or hot spots – he was getting information. He was able to find out what was the cause of the problem. He used his tools to fix the problem, screwing in each screw nice and tightly. The machine started working again!

The next week the owner received the bill from the repair guy, the bill was $1000. The owner though “wow, that is very expensive to have just tightened some screws”. So, he call the repair guy and told him that it was to expensive and to show him more detail in the invoice.  The repair man said it cost $999 to find the cause using his knowledge and expertise and only $1 to actually tighten the screw.

This scenario is how I view my Homeopathy practice. Most of my work is finding out what is the cause of my client’s symptoms, when I discover the cause it can be very simple to find the solution.

If you’re ready to fix your machine (body), contact me for some information. I offer sessions for people around the world (thanks to Skype!)

how to treat a cold naturally
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How to treat a cold, naturally

I wish that as a young mom, I knew about this trick to treat a cold naturally – it would have made taking care of sick kids a whole lot easier! My two kids are now in their late 20s (where does the time go!). I spent many nights with them as kids as they suffered through numerous colds or flus. I can’t wait for you to try this trick with your family, please leave a comment to let me know how it worked!

When you have a cold, flu or any kind of viral or bacterial infection, your body will be producing symptoms (runny nose, a cough, fatigue etc). Your body is directing all its energy toward the immune system in order to produce the fever that is needed to heat up the body temperature to destroy the virus or bacteria.  Because all our energy is being directed toward the immune system, we end up experiencing low energy and fatigue during that period.

This simple, home solution treats colds naturally

Garlic is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. Your feet, are a part of the body that can absorb very easily, just as much as it sweats. Feet sweat out toxins (we all know this from when we exercise and get smelly socks). Why am I talking about garlic and feet in a post about colds and cases of the flu?

Well, combine garlic’s many properties with the feet’s ability to absorb and I assure you, your cold or flu will drastically reduce in length and severity. If you do this when you first start feeling sick, you may avoid most of the symptoms altogether!

Here is what you do to treat your family’s colds, naturally :

  1. Take a piece of saran wrap
  2. Crush or cut up small, thin pieces of garlic
  3. Put the garlic on the sheet of saran wrap and step on it
  4. Wrap the saran wrap around your foot and add a sock to keep it all secure
  5. Kick back, watch some Netflix, open that bottle of wine or go to bed. 

I discovered this neat trick in a summer class when I was studying to be a health care practitioner many years ago. I walked into the classroom to the smell of garlic which the instructor had on her desk. She asked us to put a slice of garlic between our toes for the first half of the class. After about an hour or so, everyone removed the garlic and went out in the hallway for a break. Already, most of us could taste garlic in our mouths as if we had just eaten a garlicy ceasar salad!

Last winter I had a runny nose and felt depleted of my usual energy. I understood that I had a virus that my body was fighting probably a simple cold. Immediately I got my garlic/saran wrap/sock combo together. It took only 15 minutes, my energy was back and my nose stopped running.

I have countless examples of friends, my now grown children and clients completely zapping their colds simply with this garlic trick. Such a simple and highly effective trick to keep you and your family healthy!

Leave a comment below to let me know how this worked for you!

hay fever

Hay Fever Remedy Kit

There are so many people suffering from Hay Fever that, instead of seeing each individual in a private session, I created a Homeopathic remedy that contains the most common remedies. and that treats most of the most common symptoms.  The beauty of Homeopathy is the fact there is no chemical and, therefore, no side effect.  In Europe, most doctors and pharmacists are trained in Homeopathy.  

A pharmacist from Quebec introduced me to Homeopathy when I was working as a nurse in a Hospital Intensive Care Unit.  I was suffering with severe Hay Fever and dealing with symptoms of a runny nose, constant sneezing and extreme fatigue. It was very difficult and the anti-histamine drugs I was taking were making me drowsy at work – most certainly not an environment where a nurse can afford to make a mistake!  The pharmacist sold me 2 Homeopathic remedies (as well as the anti-histamines).  After taking the homeopathic remedies my symptoms vanished, my energy returned and my mind was as sharp and clear. I had found the solution and never went back to taking the anti-histamines. This concept of taking care of the underlying problem rather than suppressing symptoms  made sense to me.  I went back to school and became a Homeopath. 

Today many of my clients are people suffering from allergies with Hay fever being the most common this time of the year. Because I like to “stack the odds” in your favour, I recorded a NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming session) and sell the Homeopathic remedy AND the NLP audio together. Chances are good that your present Hay Fever symptoms will quickly disappear.  Homeopathy can be very effective and, by combining it with the power of using  NLP,  you have an easy and rapid Hay Fever remedy at your fingertips. 

To order your Hay Fever kit, fill out the form below and get ready to be free of your hay fever allergy symptoms forever!


Hay Fever…. my story

During my career as nurse I was working in Intensive Care. This meant that I was working with a paper mask that covered my nose and mouth and attached behind the ears with a small elastic. I was also wearing latex gloves which were often difficult to remove. I had a problem in that I suffered from Hay Fever. My nose was constantly dripping and I was continually sneezing. This was taking up lots of my energy and making me feel very tired. I had to rely on anti-histamines (even though I don’t like taking suppressive drugs) and these were decreasing the symptoms without eliminating them. The side effects of foggy head and drowsiness made my work difficult and even dangerous. (Working in the Intensive Care Unit as a nurse is certainly a place where one cannot make mistakes.!)

I went to the pharmacy to buy more anti-histamine drugs and started chatting with the pharmacist. Luckily for me, this took place in Quebec and at that time, like in Europe, medical doctors and pharmacists were trained in Homeopathy. The pharmacist sold me a Homeopathic remedy for Hay Fever. At that time I had no idea what Homeopathy was about. I bought those two little vials and I also bought my anti-histamine drugs. To my amazement, the symptoms had vanished only two minutes after I took those tiny Homeopathic granules and I had absolutely no side effects. It was so drastic and amazing that I never had to use the anti-histamine drugs! And the beauty of those granules is that my energy came back, the sneezing stopped and my runny nose symptoms disappeared! I took those granules during that spring and summer. The following year I was Hay Fever free.

I subsequently quit my nursing career to undertake a seven-year education in Homeopathic medicine. I now have a post-graduate degree in Homeopathy from the British Institute of Homeopathy and from Hahnemann College of Homeopathy in Ottawa. I have had my practice in the Edmonton area for the past 25 years. I have created my own Homeopathic remedy for Hay Fever and, because I like to “stack the odds” for better results, the Homeopathic remedy contains the most common Homeopathic remedies for Hay Fever. It comes with an audio recording of an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) session specific for Hay Fever that you can listen to at home sitting comfortably on your couch.

Instead of offering an individual session to clear your Hay Fever, you can now buy the kit that contains the 2 small vials of Homeopathic remedies for clearing your Hay Fever, an easy to listen to audio recording of an NLP session specific for clearing your Hay Fever and a list of easy to follow instruction. Easy, rapid and simple!!

To buy the kit, contact me or fill out this form:


Hay Fever and Onions

Homeopathy works by diluting a substance to the point where there are no particles of the matter in the water but , rather, only the energy imprint.  (In the movie ‘The Secret’ it is mentioned how Homeopathy helps our body to heal.)  The basic Principle of Homeopathy is that two similar diseases cannot be at work in the body simultaneously.

In the case of Hay Fever, one common remedy is Allium Cepa aka: onion. When you work in the kitchen with an onion, the symptoms are similar to Hay Fever: your eyes are tearing and burning and your nose is running.  By preparing a remedy using the simple onion, which mimics some of the symptoms of Hay Fever, and because two similar diseases cannot co-exist in the body (as one cancels out the other) your Hay Fever symptoms simply disappear.  It is so simple that it actually takes more time to write about it or for you to read about it than it takes for the remedy to act.

The beauty of Homeopathy is the fact that, because there are no chemicals for your body to react to, it is gentle and natural. Often the best remedy  is the simplest one.  In private consultation I have been seeing people with Hay Fever and, over the  last two years, I created a Hay Fever kit that contains the most common Homeopathic remedies to clear your Hay Fever. It comes with an audio recording of an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) session specific for clearing Hay Fever.  Both work well individually, but work fantastic when used together.  This is easy, rapid, very simple and, at the same time, it is gentle for your body.  There are no side effects, except perhaps the fact that the Hay Fever may simply not appear next Spring.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful?!

If you are suffering from hay fever symptoms and would like to order your Hay Fever Kit, contact me and I’ll get it to you ASAP so you can enjoy the outdoors!


Allergies in people with split personalities

There is a fact about allergies that fascinates me.  A long time ago, when I was studying in Nursing College,  I came upon an article about people suffering from split personality disorder where it was apparent that one persona will have a specific allergy but the other persona has no allergy.  This information is intriguing because it makes us realize that, when we have an allergy, the symptoms are produced by our immune system only when the subconscious believes that pollen, grass and trees are a threat to the safety of the person.

The fact is that the pollen, the grasses and the trees are fine.  It is also a fact that our immune system, which is producing the allergy symptoms, is simply doing its job as those symptoms are present for the elimination and flushing out of allergens (cat hair, pollen, grasses, etc.. ) from the body.  Coughing, sneezing, watery eyes all are the work of the immune system pushing the allergens out of our body.  These symptoms are certainly not pleasant and, in severe cases of allergies,  can be so severe that they can endanger the life of the individual (as in cases of a severe peanut allergy).  The common allergy symptoms are a method your immune system is using to push or at least neutralize these allergens from your body in order to protect you. 

Pollen, grasses and trees are a part of nature. And your immune system is doing a great job at protecting you.  So, where is the problem coming from?

Let us come back to that article on allergies in the case of people suffering from split personality.  Let’s talk about the conscious and the subconscious mind for a moment.  In a person suffering from split personality there is only one body and only one immune system, however, there appears to be two subconscious minds.   The  conscious mind understands that grass and pollens are safe.   Even though you may be suffering from Hay Fever, you and I know that pollens and grasses are part of nature and are safe on their own.  But, at the subconscious level, there is a belief (your subconscious is below your awareness, so you are obviously not conscious of the beliefs stored in your subconscious) that pollen, grass and certain trees are a threat to your safety and, in order to protect you, your immune system releases histamine which creates the common allergenic symptoms.  So, the pollen and grass are ok and your immune system is working to protect you.  This is why I created an audio recording of an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) session that I tailored specifically for Hay Fever to send the information to your subconscious that pollen and grasses are safe.  When the belief is removed from the subconscious, there is no more reason to activate the immune system when in contact with pollens and grasses.

The Homeopathic remedies come in two small vials and manage the physical symptoms. The audio recording of an NLP session specific for Hay Fever will help take care of the rest. By using Homeopathy and NLP, your chances of clearing your Hay Fever are good and this is done in a gentle manner that is easy and simple to use.

Ready to get rid of your allergies once and for all? Fill out the form below and I will get back to you to get started:

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Healing Wraps: Cayenne Pepper

In my Therapeutic Massage practice, I include healing wraps when it would be beneficial for my client. These wraps are helpful for a wide range of ailments, specifically those that root from poor circulation. While there are many types of wraps, today I will describe a wrap using cayenne pepper – give it a try at home!

The body temperature in a healthy person is around 37 degrees.   When the immune system is active, as in fighting against a virus or bacteria, the immune system will increase the body temperature in order to kill/destroy the pathogens.  This is why our body produces a fever when we catch a cold.

A warm body is a healthy body, where the blood flow goes in every organs and body parts. Cold hands and cold feet cause constriction in the capillaries (small blood vessels) and if the capillaries are constricted it impede the blood flow.    Blood is Life!!   Good blood circulation allows healthy functioning of your body, it allows the nutrients to reach every organ, body parts, and glands.  Your body needs to be warm at all time. In short, a healthy body is a warm body and a dead body is cold.

When I was young and would go skiing, my mom would apply Cayenne pepper powder in my socks to keep my feet warm for the day.  Sounds crazy but it worked! I’d would have toasty warm feet while others had to sit in the chalet to warm up.

Try it for yourself – keep your feet warm at home with your own healing wrap!

What you will need:

  • Saran Wrap (this will be used to wrap around your foot)
  • Paper Towel
  • Olive Oil (used to help the cayenne stick to the paper towel)
  • Cayenne Pepper

On a piece of paper towel apply olive oil.   Apply the Cayenne pepper on the oily paper towel.  Wrap your foot with the paper and with the Saran Wrap and slip your foot in a pair of sock to hold it secure.  You can keep it all night and you can also wear your shoe with it all day. Ta-da! No more cold feet!

I visited my mom last month and she was complaining of Restless Leg Syndrome at bedtime.  Her doctor had prescribed a drug that was making her nauseous and gave her dizzy spells and didn’t get rid of her Restless Leg syndrome.  She was desperate to try anything to alleviate her pain. Before bedtime, I wrapped her feet with the Cayenne pepper and to her surprise, her symptoms of the Restless Leg Syndrome were completely gone that night! She has since stopped taking her drugs and simply whips together a cayenne wrap whenever she feels pain or discomfort in her legs.

Try the wrap for yourself and let me know what you think!



*The Cayenne is a blood thinner, I suggest avoiding if you are taking blood thinner drugs.

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Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS)

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) can be healed by healing the guts.
Inflammation is a healing process – your body is smart and will produce inflammation to destroy pathogenic microorganisms, to protect your body and to heal the gut by bringing blood in the damaged area.  If you continue the habit that is causing the irritation to your bowel, your body will continue to inflame in order to repair the damage.  Taking anti-inflammatory will not heal your gut.  The guts can heal rapidly when receiving proper care such as taking probiotics or eating fermented foods!

Allergies Are Not All About The Immune System

Just for the fun of it, take a moment and think about the people you know that have some sort of allergy. Statistically, about one in every three people has some form of allergy. The interesting thing is that when I ask someone whether or not they have allergies, the first response is usually “no.” Then, they remember that they experience hay fever in spring, and that they become congested around cats and dogs when they visit their friend’s house. Or perhaps they mention that they have headaches when they come in contact with gasoline and perfume. Or possibly they stay away certain foods because they don’t feel well after eating them. People get used to living with their allergies by avoiding the particular allergen. Avoidance is not a sign of health. Being healthy means to be free to go and to do what you want. Having to avoid certain places, foods, or animals is certainly a limitation.

An allergy is a reaction from your immune system. Surprisingly, this is good! After all, your immune system is there to protect you and is doing a very good job at it when you experience symptoms of an allergy. Your body is doing its very best to push the allergen out of your body and to neutralize the effect inside of your body. Remember that your body is amazing!

Have you ever heard about people with multiple personalities? I remember a book I read when I was a teenager called Sybil, about a lady with fourteen personalities! Not long ago, Dr. Phil had a guest with two personalities. These cases are interesting, because they have shown in the past that one personality may have allergies while the other may not, even though they are sharing the same body and the same immune system. This is telling us that in order to rid yourself of allergies, you have to address the underlying cause. The amazing thing is that it only takes one or sometimes two visits to be completely cleared of your allergies!

The medical system addresses allergies with the understanding that the immune system is malfunctioning. Consequently, they give drugs to suppress the release of histamine
(anti-histamine). The cause is never addressed, which means that you have to rely on anti-histamine drugs forever, with no real cure.

Recently I went on a Facebook page of an allergy clinic here in Edmonton to look at people’s comments. It was quite sad to learn of so many people taking medications and shots every week for years in attempt to rid their allergies with incredibly poor results. Are these people aware of all the chemical preservatives in each injection and pill? They are then retested after a few years of treatment to learn that their allergies are still present.
There is no reason to suffer from allergies; the solution is simple, easy, and rapid in most cases.
Here is a testimonial that I got from Jessica, receptionist at Yoga For Today in Sherwood Park.

Thank you Jessica for sharing.
Jessica Oct 14, 2017

All my life I have eaten and enjoyed strawberries. My mom makes the best homemade strawberry jam; strawberry shortcake has always been a favorite dessert of mine. Until 4 years ago, I began having adverse reactions to strawberries; about 20 min to one hour after consuming strawberries either alone or in a smoothie I would become ill. Terrible stomach pains and cramps for the entire day. This had become bothersome. Where did this allergy come from? Why so sudden and out of the blue?

Last week I saw Louise Grenier at Yoga for Today, she told me she could help me with my allergy. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. To be able to eat and enjoy strawberries again!! Why wouldn’t I give it a shot? The appointment took roughly an hour and Louise asked me about my symptoms, how long I’ve had the allergy and about anything that would’ve maybe triggered the allergy. I explained everything to her and she began to work her “magic”.

Once the appointment was over Louise suggested I start out small, take baby steps to see if the allergy is gone. So that is what I did. Over the thanksgiving holiday I did try one strawberry and to my surprise I was fine. What would have caused me severe stomach pains and cramping for the entire day did not. It felt so good to be able to eat that strawberry and not have any pain. I am so happy I saw Louise and discussed with her my allergy!
Thank you Louise!


Allergens from Dangerous To Safe

An allergy is like a program that has been installed in the subconscious. Oddly enough, allergies often arise when there is a traumatic emotional event that causes the subconscious to classify a safe substance or object to become an allergen.

Here is an example: many years ago I had a young boy visit me with his mother. He was roughly eleven years old and he suffered from a severe dairy allergy. His mother recalled that it started in kindergarten, and she also remembered that her son was fine while in pre-school. When I asked if there was any emotional trauma or significant events that took place during that period, she mentioned that a car hit their dog while they were eating ice cream, and unfortunately the little boy witnessed the accident.

Here is what really happened. The emotional shock was severe and sudden, and since the boy was eating dairy at that same moment, the subconscious labeled the ice cream as a dangerous substance thereby connecting the ice cream and the emotional distress. The subconscious is not smart but it is very efficient. From that day on, the young boy had a program of “dairy is dangerous” running in his subconscious non-stop. Because of this, each time the boy came into contact with any dairy product, his body would engage the immune system to protect him from danger. His immune system was simply responding to a program and it did its job. His immune system was producing histamine and was producing symptoms that were all geared towards eliminating the dairy from the boy’s body as fast as possible in order to keep him safe. In his case, the body was increasing his peristaltic processes (activity of the intestines) with severe cramping in order to eliminate the dairy from the body as fast as possible. The body is smart!

When this young boy visited his family doctor for his severe abdominal pain occurring after ingestion dairy, the doctor gave anti-spasmodic drugs to soothe the cramping as well as anti-histaminic drugs, and suggested that he stay away from all

forms of dairy. By suppressing his symptoms and avoiding dairy entirely, nothing was actually addressing the true cause of the allergy.

At the moment this particular traumatic event occurred, the subconscious’ program of “dairy is dangerous” took only a second to install. Most of the time, it takes only one or two sessions to remove this faulty program using a combination of Homeopathy, NeuroLinguistic Programming and energy balancing. This process allows rapid and permanent results.
When the program of “dairy is dangerous” is removed from the subconscious’ database, then the person, in this case the young boy can have contact with what was the allergen used to be. The subconscious essentially now categorizes the dairy from being dangerous to safe, and in this manner the immune system no longer has a need to be activated to protect the person.

Now the boy can eat as much ice cream and dairy, as he likes without having to worry about cramping like he used to.