How do allergies really work?

I am constantly amazed at how the medical system fails miserably to help people suffering from allergies.

What they offer is to inject a very small amount of the allergen under the skin and let the immune system react.  The idea here is that repeating this injection often enough (which can be years!) the immune system will learn that the allergen is not threatening and will then stop reacting.   It takes years and it is not always successful.  Like in every case, they only see the body as being physical/material in nature and only address the body that way.

Let’s look instead to Energy medicine, which has way better success in a much shorter amount of time to clear allergies.  They are addressing the energy body (or life energy, or meridian, etc.) and rebalancing the energy flow.  When the body is in contact with the allergen, the body automatically gets weak, as the energy gets stressed by the allergen.  It usually takes few visits and most of the time, it is one allergen at a time that is cleared.  Here the belief is that the allergic reaction is caused by a malfunctioning immune system.

Actually, the immune system is working very well.

The issue with allergy is that the subconscious holds a belief that the allergen is dangerous.  As soon as the allergen is in contact with the person, the immune system responds to the program and gets into action to help the person by producing symptoms to excrete the allergen from the body – vomiting, redness (which is inflammation to burn the allergen), runny nose and runny eyes (to flus the allergen out of the body).   By simply removing the belief from the subconscious, the body does not see the allergen as a threat.  This way the immune system does not need to pass into action…  and nothing happens.

Think of it as deleting a faulty program from your computer.  When the program has been deleted, there are no longer any symptoms!

Spring allergies? Not anymore for this 13 year old!

I just have to share my most recent allergy case with you!

A 13 year old male came to me for help with his spring time allergy to grasses and the white fluffy stuff that is always flying around in the spring, from Poplar trees. His allergies were so severe that he could barely leave his house in the spring because as you know, in Alberta it is inevitable to encounter this allergen. His allergy was so severe that he would spend most of the day in bed with nausea and vomiting, as well as severe vertigo. He had pounding, unbearable headaches and pain in every muscle of his body. When this started to interfere with school and his social life, his mother knew it was time to get some help.

I helped to balance the energy of his body (this is essential for any sort of healing), then we used NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing) to remove the “allergy program” from his subconscious. This “program” was identifying pollen and grass as a threat to his body. Once this was done, the colour had come back to his face and his headache had dissipated! Feeling brave, we went outside where the air was filled with the poplar fluff flying around and the smell of grass cuttings from the neighbour having just cut the lawn.

It was interesting to observe him as we stood outside. Expecting to go into the shock that he was used to, he just stood their breathing and acting normally. After a few moments of realizing he was safe, he even went up to a blossoming apple tree in the yard and took a big whiff – no symptoms!

At the end of the session, he left with Homeopathic remedies to secure the work we had done in the 40 minute session. No more crippling allergies in just one session! The body is amazing!  The immune system is amazing!! Working at the level of the subconscious is amazing!!!

Check back in next week for his and his mother’s testimonials.

Cause vs Effect

When there is a problem in your body, your immune and other built-in systems do the repairing.  Your body is amazing, its engineering could not be more perfect and could not be replicated by anything man made.   Only nature or whatever higher power you believe in could create something so amazing!  Symptoms that you complain about, whatever they are – cramps, pain, inflammation, etc – is your body repairing itself.

Every symptom is a way for your body to tell you what is going on.  The symptoms are the end product, the effect which are due to a cause.  The cause is the problem itself, this is where and what I am addressing during a consultation.  When addressing the cause, the symptoms have no reason to exist and they vanish usually pretty rapidly.

My practice is based around listening to you, to observe the messages from your body and provide your body with what it needs to function optimally.  This way, the symptoms vanish with ease, and you don’t need to continuously feed your body with drugs.  I help you eliminate the cause while the drugs only suppress the symptoms without dealing with the cause.

Proteins for Body Repair and Maintenance

You know that eating your proteins are part of a balanced diet and contribute to your overall health. It is the amino acids that are found in the proteins that our bodies actually use as building blocks for repair and maintenance.  These amino acids are what is left after the protein has been digested.  The amino acids are small enough to pass through the digestive lining of your intestines to go in to your bloodstream.


When I work with very weak clients, or with people with very weak digestion, I suggest they ingest lots of amino acids but that they avoid meat proteins.  This way, the amino acids are readily available for the body to use, because there is no need for the digestive system to break up the proteins into amino acids – nature already did the work!   Two of the best and most easily available sources of amino acids are bee pollen and hemp seeds.  Those are both so easy to add to your smoothie, your salad, or sprinkle in your yoghurt!


The best of the best is to buy these from your local farmers market.  This way, the pollen comes from flowers that belong to your living area – same goes with the Hemp seeds.  Also, by buying it at the farmers market, it will give you a product that is fresh. Another option is to buy in bags or capsules from an out of town company. This can be a great option but it is difficult to know how long it was sitting in the warehouse/shelves and there is the possibility for them to have stood long enough for the natural oil contained in the bee pollen and the hemp seeds to have had the time to become rancid. Taking amino acids is giving your body the building blocks to do the continual repair and maintenance needed to keep your body healthy!

Electricity and Life Energy

My interest, even as a young child, was to know more about what I cannot see. That interest is still present, and today, I am amazed at all that we use in our everyday life that we cannot see. Think about it:

  • The microwave in your kitchen – you don’t see the actually micro-waves, you can only see the box with the empty space inside that somehow heats up your food.
  • Internet connection – you probably use it every day without ever seeing “it”.
  • Electricity – just think about when the there is a power black out, you depend on electricity so much every day without ever seeing it.
  • The gas to heat your house – not only can you not see it, but you can’t smell it either. This is why they purposely add a smell to it, so that we can detect a leak.

Those examples are related to your daily use. Your body is the same, the energy that all of us have is LIFE energy. Without it, we would simply be a body- a lifeless corpse. It only makes sense to treat this energy in conjunction with the physical body for a holistic and rounded approach to health. Since I started incorporating this pivotal aspect of health into my practice, the results have been tremendous!

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Breathing Difficulties? Check this out

I am trying something new: two-visit consultations for people with breathing issues, with payment only for significant results.

Here’s how it works:
1. On your first visit, I will test your breathing capacity with a climbing exercise on a set of stairs.
2. At the end of your second visit, I will test your breathing capacity again.
3. Together, we will compare the results:
a. If the improvement is 80% or more, I keep both cheques.
b. If the improvement is between 50% and 80%, I keep one cheque.
c. If the improvement is less than 50%, you keep both cheques and your breathing improvement is free of charge.

First step, watch this short video:

This is limited to four people who meet these criteria:
· You are a non-smoker with two lungs.
· You do not depend on a machine to breathe.
· You have COPD, asthma, feeling of constant chest compression/heaviness, etc…
· You are willing to follow my recommendations to achieve maximum benefit.
· You watch the above short video before the first session.
· You trust me and I trust you; there is some subjectivity involved here.

Simple, easy, and fun!

Both sessions are in my office in St. Albert, AB, and must be booked by Feb 28, 2015.
Call 780-459-3609, to book.

If someone you know can benefit from this, please pass this information along!

New Year – No Allergies!

Living a life with an allergy makes daily living all the more difficult. For some reason, this holiday I’ve had many clients contact me to help get rid of their allergies.


Since I started clearing allergies using Homeopathy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) with clients, I have seen some pretty amazing results and the words is definitely spreading.


Today, I got a call from the mom of a 14-year-old boy who came with his mom at the beginning of December for 2 sessions.  For them, the idea was to clear his severe cat allergy, so that he could enjoy his stay at grandparent’s home during the holiday – his grandparents have 4 cats!  His mom called me this morning to let me know how impressed the whole family was to observe Dylan have no symptoms during his 3-day stay and he was even able to play with the cats.


What I did with him during the 2 sessions, communicate to his immune system know, via the subconscious, that being in contact with cats and dogs should be processed the same way as anybody else that has no allergic reaction.  He used Homeopathic remedies for only 2 days following his session was to reinforce the new information that we introduced to his immune system.


I love sharing stories like this and can’t wait to help more clients lead easier allergy-free lives. If you have a story you would like to share about how our work together helped you live allergy-free, send me a personal email ( letting me know how you are doing, and how life is without allergic reactions!


I wish you all the best in the New Year!

Client Testimonial: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

In early September I met a friend and colleague to catch up on one another’s lives. I mentioned that I had recently been diagnosed with mild COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). My friend suggested that I see a Homeopath, Louise Grenier, to see what she could do for me. A phone call and I was in for my first appointment within the week (I had never seen a Homeopath before).

When I arrived at her office, I presented with a bronchial cough, a hoarse voice, and most significantly I had a ‘heavy’ sensation in my chest that I had been experiencing for several months. Within the hour following various techniques that Louise implemented, my breathing was easier, my voice was normal, the heaviness was totally gone and I felt more energized. What a change and with only one treatment!  It has now been two months and the heaviness in my chest and the hoarseness in my voice have not re-occurred.

I highly recommend a visit to Louise for any ailment you may be experiencing.

Marilyn B.  Edmonton

Your Health is a Cell Phone

One of the examples I use with clients when I’m describing all the components of the Self is that of a cell phone. A cell phone can represent a person, and three components of health. The first component is the phone with all of its physical parts (the screen, the buttons, the panels we can remove to look inside). This hardware is like the physical body, and the protective case around the phone is like our skin and immune system. This very basic level is where a medical doctor aims.

If we take the battery out of the phone, the phone will not work, but we can still look inside it, remove parts, touch it and see it. It still exists in a physical, solid state, even though there is no power and it is non-functional. Similarly, a doctor can still work on a physical body that is non-functional (by means of surgery, x-rays, etc), but until the “battery” (life energy of the person) is restored, nothing will work.

Just as the cell phone is alive when the battery is put back inside, our bodies are alive when life energy (also called prana or chi or life-force) is flowing through us. That energy is responsible for everything! That’s what makes our hearts beat, our lungs breathe, controls digestion and movement, and allows us to think. Without life energy, the body is as dead as that cell phone.Illustration cell phone

There is a third component to health, in addition to the physical body and vital life energy. This is our essence. This can be compared to the cell phone’s connection to the internet. We have access to a wealth of information and can choose many different ways to use that information. How we use the information can be more important than the information itself. For example, if we use the information to help someone, we get a very different outcome than if we use the same information to hurt someone. Our essence is the part of us that makes up who we are. It includes all of our history and memories, and all emotional reactions to those memories. It makes up our personalities. It includes our perception and beliefs (which are based on information that we take in). Whenever we are exposed to information, we form beliefs around it, and those beliefs influence how we perceive a given situation. Our perception has a huge effect on our health and how we function (how we act on our beliefs is the most important piece here).

So, there we have three levels of health. The physical body that can be examined and manipulated, but without life energy, is a dead body. Our body WITH Life energy, which is a body alive, but in a coma where life energy circulate, but the personality of the person is not there. And finally our connection to information and resulting perception which create our personality is like the cell phone being connected to the internet. These three components work together in order for us to be alive and healthy. These 3 aspects, the physical/material body, the life energy that need to circulate with ease in our body and in every parts and organs of our body, and our personality with our believes and the way we perceive our environment and our present situation. These 3 aspects need to be address in order to regain health. When these 3 aspects are being address, then the body does have the inner ability to heal with ease.