What People Are Saying About Louise Grenier Homeopathy


Three years ago I went from an extremely healthy, athletic and happy person to having strange life altering sensitivities/allergies to metal and many common chemicals. After 2 years of various alternative health and traditional medical visits, I went to Louise.

I was to the point where just touching metal would make me dizzy, irritate my throat, cause numbness in my face and tongue and give me a headache. For many months I couldn’t use metal cutlery, touch door handles, wear clothing with any metal touching my body or use deodorant with aluminum. I could tell if a product had metal in the ingredients just by touching it. After one treatment and a few months of taking the remedy I’ve noticed an enormous improvement. I would say that I’m 90% better and can now touch almost all metal, uncoated copper still affects me slightly, I can even wear a watch and most of my jewellery, although I avoid using tin foil for cooking I can now eat food cooked in it and I can wear aluminium deodorant if I want to.

The chemical sensitivities have been a bigger challenge than the metal partly because I don’t always know what I’m reacting to. One of the major benefits of my treatment is that my body is calm in between reactions whereas before my adrenalin was going almost constantly. I’ve been able to determine that I am very sensitive to Glyphosate and other chemicals that are sprayed in the summer, which is why summer is my worst time. Laundry soaps, fabric softener, perfumes, chemicals from printed material, chemicals from new products and most personal hygiene/beauty products still cause headache/ dizziness and numbness. I’m definitely about 40% less sensitive than I was before and can function in most situations. I probably need a second treatment to address some of the chemicals that I now know affect me. I’ve finally been able to start working out again which was a major part of my life prior to this starting, I’m not ready for marathon or triathlon training yet but hopefully, I can get back to it eventually, I did go for my first bike ride today. I’ve also started to look for a job after 2 years of not working and am ready to get back into the world, hopefully with scent free people.



I have been allergic to dogs ever since I was a very young kid. I always had a fear of dogs and every time I saw one in the park or in someone’s home, I would eventually have swollen and itchy eyes and my asthma was effected greatly. I could never stay at gatherings or parties at people’s houses that had a dog that lived in the home. Sometimes, I even had to go to the hospital. I tried going to friends’ houses where they had hypoallergenic dogs but even then, I would get severe asthma attacks that even the inhaler could not control for very long.

My mom saw Louise’s ad in a magazine and she was intrigued by it immediately. Once she showed it to me, I became very interested in her work as well. We always believed in the power of the mind and how much it can affect you physically, we just needed a little help. We went to visit Louise in October 2016. She was so nice to us and we could tell she was very knowledgeable about these treatments.

Louise did different tests on me and helped me get into a very relaxed state. I was to imagine my present-self introducing the toddler version of myself to a puppy. I was supposed to comfort the child and show her that everything is ok. By the end, I was imagining both versions of myself playing with the puppy and the younger version was so content around the dog. When I came out of the thought, I remember being so happy. I had tears from how much joy that thought had brought me. I realized that something as simple as a memory, a thought, can change how your body functions.

Two or three months later, I went to a friend’s house for a birthday party. They had a hypoallergenic dog but like I said, usually my asthma would start acting up. This time, there was absolutely nothing. The only thing that had my asthma going was when I had to chase the kids all over the house. I played with the dog and I just loved petting him and being with him. I had no itchy or runny eyes, I wasn’t sneezing, I could breathe clearly, and my allergy was gone. I felt so much joy around the dog and I was so happy I could finally enjoy his company.

I am so happy I went to see Louise and I would recommend her to anyone. She does a very good job and I am very happy with the results!
Thank you so much Louise!



This past weekend I visited my son, his wife and their two wee ones, plus their two cats.

I had forgotten that Louise and I worked on my cat allergy almost 10 years ago. When Louise asked me to write about it, I then remembered some of the symptoms I was having when in contact with cats.

This weekend the old cat was sitting on my lap, purring and enjoying my attention. I didn’t sneeze. My nose didn’t run. My eyes didn’t swell. I was fine. I still don’t particularly like cats but I don’t react to them. So yeah! I’m happy to say thing went well.

Thanks, Louise, for the reminder that living without allergies is amazing.
-Donna, Victoria B.C.


My allergy to cats made it unpleasant to be around my daughter’s cat at her apartment. So I asked Louise to help me clear this allergy. One treatment was all it took to reprogram my subconscious that cats are not my enemies.

Thank you Louise!

-Elle G.


I first saw Louise in 2003. I had been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, it was mostly affecting my knees and feet, stiffness and sore. I was sent to a specialist and started taking the recommended drugs and received cortisone shots in both knees. The first couple of visits and cortisone shots went OK but then things went sideways fast. After the cortisone shots wore off I started to experience bone crushing pains up and  down my legs. I then started to experience heart palpitations and elevated blood pressure. My next visit resulted in an added prescription Methodextrate. Not wanting any further side affects and after researching this dangerous drug I decided I could not put my health at further risk. I stopped going to the specialist and was referred to see Louise.

By the time I got to see Louise, I was in severe bone crushing pain for a month. I could not sleep, and was unable to take care of my family or run  my part time business, I was on the edge emotionally from the pain and lack of sleep (pain meds. were useless on the pain I was having.) Louise sent me home with several remedies and within 2 days the bone crushing pain went away, I was able to sleep through the night and my mental health stabilized. I then took myself off of the original drugs I was prescribed. I was soon able to continue with my business and take care of my home and family again. I still experienced pain and stiffness daily, but was able to manage the symptoms with the remedies. I continued to see Louise for the next few years and learned how to use homeopathic remedies, I bought a kit and book and took a weekend course that Louise offered at that time. I learned how to take care of myself and family with that kit and saved us many un-necessary trips to the Dr.

I adjusted my diet and learned what my food allergies and sensitivities were and was able to limit the painful flairs I was having. I also realized that hormonal monthly shifts were causing flairs, and also incorporated BHRT therapy which greatly improved the PMS symptoms I was having and reduced the severity of the monthly flairs.

In Dec. of 2011 my husband was in a car accident on his way to work and was airlifted to the U of A. He had lost his left arm just below the shoulder. He had 2 surgeries and was told he would be in the hospital for 2 weeks. I contacted Louise just after the accident happened and she prepared remedies for his trauma and surgeries and she also prepared trauma remedies for the whole family. My husband recovered very fast and his spirits were amazing. The hospital staff could not believe how well he recovered and he was released in just 1 week. After we got home we had to go to the wound clinic every 2 days and the nurses there were also amazed at how well his wound healed. He truly had an amazing recovery, and I believe the remedies had a lot to do with that.

I also learned how to do EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique)  from Louise, she guided me though several sessions and from that I have been able to do this technique for myself. EFT is a great tool to use if you feel stuck or have learned believe systems you wish to change in your life. I use this technique a lot and get great results.

If you are looking for an alternative that really works give Louise a try.



I have been dealing with Louise in regards to my health for a few years now.
I was prone to throat infections, contracting 2-4/year.
After being introduced to Louise’s homeopathic remedies, I haven’t had one in 3 years.
This, in my mind, is remarkable. She provides me with knowledge that can be used throughout the rest of my life, and to me, that is priceless. From throat infections, to planning for a healthy pregnancy, Louise has been there whenever I need.
I highly recommend her to anyone and have been recommending her services since the day I started to see results!

After a traumatic summer of losing our daughter and our pet Chihuahua, Chelious, I developed an allergy for pet dander.
I grew up with pets in the house and our children have always had pets. Thus, this allergy was very devastating and it really bothered me, so when I saw an ad that stated a way of getting rid of this allergy, I called Louise.
And low and hold, after one session, I was able to get over my trauma and my allergy of dogs.
I am positive that this would help any one over their  allergies after experiencing a traumatic experience.


My son has a hard time during the summer months from May, with allergies to pollen. He not only gets sinus congestion but has bouts of nausea, headaches, vertigo and body pain.

During the episodes he is unable to go to school and tends to sleep most of the time. I have tried the conventional antihistamines, but they don’t work but tend to just make him even more drowsy and nauseated.

I took him to see Louise, she spent an hour doing EFT and NLP and gave him some homeopathics to take over 5 days.

Louise was very thorough, patient and listened very well to my son’s concerns. He responded very well to her gentle and caring nature. When we left the office, my son felt perfectly well.

That was 2 weeks ago and he has not had an allergy attack since. I am very appreciative of Louise and would recommend this treatment.

Louise Grenier was very informative and she took an hour to talk about everything I needed to know
about homeopathic immunization and the good information about what to do when my child is sick with
a disease or a fever.
I like the fact that she was a pediatric nurse giving vaccines in Health Units before moving to
Homeopathy and she knows the danger that comes with drugs injected vaccination today. Plus since
our conversation I have asked many questions about my son and she responds promptly.
I cannot wait to see her for myself in the near future. Plus I have been telling everyone about her!
I found this session very informative, it also confirmed a lot of the beliefs I have held for a long time, related to a holistic approach to health.  The samples you provided also came in very handy, with my 9yr old and myself being unwell, we took advantage of the homeopathic samples and, seeing how well they work I purchased some shortly after.  My big takeaways from this session were the use of Maple Syrup when feeling lethargic/low energy after no appetite from cold/flu. I have passed this information to others with sick little ones… invaluable! Also came away from the session with a much greater understanding of the body’s energy system. Thank you for the amazing and informative session!

-Monique Durocher

In early September I met a friend and colleague to catch up on one another’s lives. I mentioned that I had recently been diagnosed with mild COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). My friend suggested that I see a Homeopath, Louise Grenier, to see what she could do for me. A phone call and I was in for my first appointment within the week (I had never seen a Homeopath before).

When I arrived at her office, I presented with a bronchial cough, a hoarse voice, and most significantly I had a ‘heavy’ sensation in my chest that I had been experiencing for several months. Within the hour following various techniques that Louise implemented, my breathing was easier, my voice was normal, the heaviness was totally gone and I felt more energized. What a change and with only one treatment!  It has now been two months and the heaviness in my chest and the hoarseness in my voice have not re-occurred.

I highly recommend a visit to Louise for any ailment you may be experiencing.

-Marilyn B.
Edmonton, AB


After my eldest child started having negative reactions from vaccines we discontinued the regular vaccine schedule for her at 8 months and never had our 2 younger kids vaccinated.

3 years ago we started them with the homeopathic vaccine remedies Louise recommended.

When our 2 youngest kids were in preschool last year we learned they were exposed to the chicken pox. We learned this after noticing they each had 3 or 4 pox looking marks on their bodies. At the time we found the pox we thought we would have to brace ourselves for a run of chicken pox through our home and would have 3 sick kids who would be unable to attend school for a prolonged period of time. Instead, the pox marks disappeared after a day and no other symptoms came. When we returned them to school the following week we learned there had in fact been a chicken pox outbreak.

Thanks to the homeopathic remedies recommended by Louise our kids’ bodies were able to naturally fight the virus and come out naturally with minor symptoms. Thank you so much for helping keep our kids healthy!!

St. Albert, Alberta

I had developed severe, crippling, burning pain in my fingers, wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles, which was debilitating.  It would take me half an hour to get out of bed and pull myself up the stairs by the handrail, and then I would be fainting at the top.  I wasn’t able to do up the snaps on my baby’s clothes, and I certainly had a terrible time holding her.  The pain kept getting worse, and I know if it wasn’t for Louise, I would be in a wheelchair by now.  After one visit, she was able to take the burning pain down from a 9 to a 2 on a 1-10 pain scale.  From there, she continued to help me heal my body.  Now, I am able to do everything I did before I was afflicted, and it is all, completely, and entirely in thanks to Louise and the work she did with me.

— Eveliene
Edmonton, Alberta


Working with Louise to heal my body has been a great insight into what is possible out there.  I had excruciating pain in my fingers, wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles, and the medical world had no clue what it was after many tests.  Louise was able to bring the pain from a 10 to a 3 on a scale of 10, in the first visit by working with the physical, energy, and emotional bodies. She was able to hone in on emotions I had bottled up and trapped in my body that was exhibiting in this physical pain and with a technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), which released the energy and pain.  I was familiar with EFT/Tapping before, but without her coaching, I wouldn’t have been able to pinpoint the causes and get the results I was desperately needing.  Had I not gone to Louise, I would have spent so much more wasted time with the medical professionals who still have no idea what it is, I would have gone to many other alternative treatments looking for some relief, and though I may have had some results, I know none of them would have been as quick and as effective, because I had tried them before going to see her.  In the very first session, the change was immediate.  The body and mind are miraculous, and Louise made it very simple to shift and clear energetic blocks that were preventing my body to naturally heal itself.  She creates a safe place for her clients to explore their emotional hangups that have translated into physical symptoms.  With the blockages cleared, the healing was instant.

Thank you, Louise, for guiding me in my healing journey!

— Symonds
Edmonton, Alberta


I started seeing Louise because I have had chronic pain for about 16 years, and have tried many alternative and conventional approaches, none of which have provided significant or lasting relief. I felt that Louise could help me to heal from some emotional traumas that are at the root of the physical pain, and collaborate with me in determining the best possible nutritional therapy for my body.

Louise employs some incredibly effective tools in her practice. Two examples are Neuro-linguistic Programming and Emotional Freedom Technique. I expected to feel better as a result of changing my diet and adding appropriate supplements, but in all honesty, I was skeptical of the energy medicine component. I hoped for the best, but was not expecting to feel a significant improvement as a result of these methods. I am delighted to be wrong about this.

Working with emotional trauma using these methods has changed my outlook toward my past, present, and future. My default responses to stressful situations, including the pain, have changed. I feel calmer and more in control. I’m beginning to see that it is possible to heal on a subconscious level first, and to correct imbalances that are manifesting as physical symptoms.

Louise has a great style. She is empathetic, kind, and very optimistic. She has a beautiful energy about her, and I always feel comfortable delving into the messy emotional stuff with her. She is very effective in guiding the healing process, with an emphasis on mindfulness. All that is required as a client is a willing spirit and a decision to accept good health and let go of negative thought patterns. I always look forward to my sessions and am experiencing very real benefits in my life, emotionally and physically.

— Jennifer
Edmonton, Alberta


“Louise taught me that everything we experience in life is a result of our consciousness and state of mind. We create our reality—merely a bunch of protons and electrons vibrating at different frequencies. She has a gift for explaining the unexplainable, simplifying the complex, and continually encourages others to expand beyond old belief systems.” 

— Lauri G.
Kelowna, British Columbia


I found Louise at a time when I was suffering with long term back pain and going through a period filled with stress and anxiety. I felt that I had no hope of ever feeling strong, healthy and happy again.  Louise has changed all of that for me.  I now feel in control of my pain and my symptoms and much better able to handle the anxiety.
She has shown me and taught me many things about the power of our subconscious mind and how we can master it and make it work for us!!
Louise is very easy to talk to and a very kind person that you feel comfortable with immediately. Her techniques helps to heal the body and the mind.  I highly recommend her to anyone that is suffering from pain, stress or anxiety.  Thanks Louise!!

— C. Jones
Edmonton, Alberta


“Time with Louise is like having a hot cup of healing tea! She has a gentle approach that helps me to let go of the past and live in the here and now. She has helped me to realize that events in my past are connected to my health today. She is very knowledgeable and genuinely wants to make a difference. It is enlightening and exciting to know that we can control our own health—it doesn’t have to control us!”

 — Cara Q.
Morinville, Alberta


“My migraines had gotten to a point where they were taking over my life, and I guess that’s what it took for me to get some help. I was getting 2 or 3 per week and they were completely wiping me out. It took 6 visits with Louise and now I have not had one since. I don’t have to worry about getting one when I eat certain foods or am feeling over-stressed. I encourage anyone who has pain, or feels like there is no hope for their condition, to contact Louise.”

— Lindsay Z.
Edmonton, Alberta


“Louise Grenier has been my family’s health care practitioner for 7 years. We feel that we are healthier, both mentally and physically, as a result. Louise listens, researches and applies her considerable knowledge to our symptoms, resulting in a treatment plan that is based on non-invasive techniques. She treats the whole person by correctly isolating and addressing the underlying cause, not just the presenting symptoms. She fulfills all of our health care needs. Louise has valid credentials, and she constantly updates and expands her own knowledge by learning and researching many health care disciplines. She adjusts her healing methods to utilize the most effective techniques.”

— Gail W.
Salmon Arm, British Columbia


“Our health is everything. I was diagnosed with an incurable disease, M.S. My physician told me there is no cure for M.S., only disease-modifying therapies that are very strong drugs. The way my physician delivered this news to me was extremely negative. He was totally disconnected from understanding the impact that his words had on me. Nightmare!

My employer told me about Louise. When I spoke to her on the phone for the first time, no words could describe what I felt. I cried and it was hard for me to speak.

We shared the same beliefs. I know that I can be healed. We create everything, so therefore there are infinite outcomes and we are in control of those outcomes. Louise continues to educate, enlighten, and inspire me to have the best quality of life. I believe everyday is a gift and have always lived my life with a profound awareness, taking nothing for granted but the beauty that each day brings.

Most importantly, Louise has gave me back the gift of hope! I continue to work with Louise and look forward to each and every visit.”

— Nikke S.


“Louise Grenier uses a unique combination of healing modalities that have helped my body, mind, and spirit on my healing journey.

I found Louise online through the EFT practitioners’ website. I was almost overcome with anxiety because of work—a pressure-cooker environment, toxic coworkers, and an overbearing boss were almost more than I could handle and, to my surprise, I had developed anxiety. I couldn’t “will” it away. The regular-doctor response of drugs left me even shakier and with a woozy head! There had to be a better way. I had heard about EFT and instinctively knew it would be an answer. Louise helped me the first day with EFT and homeopathic remedies. As we have worked together I have released many patterns that have recurred with family, relationships, and work. My anxiety vanished. I have made important decisions that I was avoiding. I am moving forward—finally—at the age of 63!

Louise has a gentle, persistent, and effective approach to health, healing, and living. I am grateful I found her and highly recommend her work.”

— Donna
Edmonton, Alberta


“After suffering from a dental extraction that caused a sinus and brain infection, I found myself unable to focus, retain information or sleep deeply. Homeopathics helped greatly to alleviate my symptoms and allow my quality of life to return.”

— S.M.
Lloydminster, Saskatchewan